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Posted By: jswingchun

Pocket Knife - 02/04/05 03:53 PM

Any problem with carrying a pocket knife in AC or anywhere else in Belize for that matter? We will be in Belize in a couple of weeks. I carry a folding knife with a pocket clip everywhere I go and would feel lost without it. It is the kind of knife that when you carry it it sticks out of the top of your pocket a little. I know I will have to put it in my check on baggage and can't have it on the airplane. It's a fairly large knife for a folder, the blade is 3.75 inches. I have read not to carry a knife in Mexico or you may get hassled by the police. I have never seen any mention of the police in Belize being anything like the reputation that Mexican police have but I thought I would ask here.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Pocket Knife - 02/04/05 04:05 PM

Plenty of people carry a Leatherman around without problem.
Posted By: CrackerLarry

Re: Pocket Knife - 02/04/05 04:08 PM

I would not go anywhere without my pocket knife. I carried one like you described for 10 days without a problem.
Posted By: DJH

Re: Pocket Knife - 02/04/05 05:19 PM

just don't try to carry it with you on the plane.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Pocket Knife - 02/04/05 05:23 PM

Leave it home and buy a machete when you get here.
Posted By: jswingchun

Re: Pocket Knife - 02/04/05 05:33 PM

CrackerLarry - Thanks, that's what I was hoping to hear.

Jesse - Were you serious? I can't see me carrying a machete with me everywhere I go. As cool as that would be.... Just in case I want one, where is a good place to get one?
Posted By: ChrisW

Re: Pocket Knife - 02/04/05 07:39 PM

If you read the Belize news for a while, you will see reports of "choppings". It seems whacking your "enemies" with machetes is almost as popular as shooting them. So don't start any fights with your knife or you may end up in a Crocodile Dundee type situation "That's not a knife. (Dundee draws knife) Now that's a knife."
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Re: Pocket Knife - 02/06/05 01:46 AM

I carry my fillet knife.....last year a bartender up north tried to buy it off me...I also never leave home without my buck knife.... (never know when I might want a lime slice in my beer) ...I wear it on my belt, no one has ever said a word
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Pocket Knife - 02/06/05 01:49 AM

Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Pocket Knife - 02/06/05 02:37 AM

I agree with Jesse, leave your pocket knife at home and buy a machette. I had a friend take a picture of me with my machette. I sent the photo to my mom for her birthday. I use my machette to hack back the bushes in my yard. The local men see me chopping dead branches from trees and take a wide path around - I guess its very un-lady-like. In Belize, a woman swinging a machette is very rarely a good thing. Except in my case. When using a machette, the left hand really has to pay atttention to what the right hand is doing.
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