I have a fishing question, too

Posted By: MarkHNH

I have a fishing question, too - 02/13/05 07:24 PM

I hope you guys never get tired of answering fishing questions.

Well here's mine:
My friend is pretty much a dedicated fly fisherman. I'm more flexible. I like to fly fish. But, I also enjoy throwing out a lure or threading some bait on a hook and catching some pan fish.
When in AC would it be reasonable to go out and do some fly fishing in the flats in the morning, and then moving to the reef and catching a baracuda and a few snappers for a good shore lunch?
Also, if the wives would rather lay around the resort than go out on the boat while we fish, do you think the captain would go back and pick them up from the dock before we go for a shore lunch?

Posted By: captjeff

Re: I have a fishing question, too - 02/13/05 08:15 PM

yes it can be done go to the web site ,capt bicho rivero has done that a lot ,you just have to change boats .a great day out with a variety of fishing.and your wives will the love pampering and the capt bicho bbq beach feast is absolutely super..see posts on this board from his recent loyal fans who say he is the real deal.. go live the dream and enjoy..
Posted By: obtuseangler

Re: I have a fishing question, too - 02/13/05 09:56 PM

Another option is Severo Guerrero <[email protected]> also an excellent guide. As far as the Captains accomodating your needs, just be clear when you book to explain exactly what you want and expect.

Capt Jeff, I'll be down on AC this Friday until the afternoon of the 25th. Are you going to be down then?

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Re: I have a fishing question, too - 02/13/05 10:42 PM

Capt Jeff is correct....Just tell Bicho what you want to do and let him figure it out...I have been out with several guids and they are all very flexible, most of them are very good...but Bicho will bust his ass so you catch fish....he will do what ever it takes (including a few things that scared me to death)....however I have full confidence in his judgement. He has good boats and good equipment and a very even disposition with novice fisherpeople if you know what I mean...
Posted By: captjeff

Re: I have a fishing question, too - 02/14/05 05:10 PM

dexte ,you have said it all. and are right on the money. capt bicho will work his butt off to show you a living the dream day..

obtuseangler will be down the 24 ,will miss you by a day.but maybe will see ya in town ?? on the 24. tight lines to you and good fishing..
Posted By: krehfish

Re: I have a fishing question, too - 02/14/05 06:12 PM

MARK: Don't think that you and your dedicated flyguy are incompatible in the boat. We have a summer group of which I'm the only flyrodder. I've never had a problem "sharing" the boat, whether tarpon or bonefish or whatever. For cruising tarpon you have to take turns anyway. As long as your flyguy is dedicated, as opposed to dangerous, he can stay on the casting deck, and you'll have plenty of room too.
Posted By: obtuseangler

Re: I have a fishing question, too - 02/14/05 11:53 PM

Just watch out for that back cast! Hey krehfish, any relation to "Lefty".

Capt Jeff, too bad but it looks like we will just miss each other. I'm leaving around noon on the 24th. See you next time.

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