coral reef villas ???

Posted By: mustardgirl100

coral reef villas ??? - 03/12/05 04:03 AM

Anybody stay there or know anything about??
Seems it is not on the Beach but full acces to Banyon Bay ?????
Posted By: Coco Loco Lady

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/13/05 05:01 PM

I was looking at Coral Reef Villa's also for our next trip down, wish someone would give you an answer on this one!
Posted By: mustardgirl100

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/14/05 06:30 PM


Coral Reef Villa
Posted By: klcman

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/14/05 06:59 PM

sometimes no answer is a answer.....
Posted By: Chas_Jenn

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/14/05 07:35 PM

Well, this is prob the same thing you are looking at, but from //

"Guests staying at Coral Reef Villas can also enjoy full use of the amenities at The Villas at Banyan Bay including beach and pier access, pool usage, restaurant, gift shop and more!"
Posted By: mustardgirl100

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/17/05 08:58 PM

Anyboby know anything about the Tides
Where is it located??
Are they just single rooms. How is the Beach, the pool, etc. Nearby Restaraunts
Posted By: indygal

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/21/05 02:15 AM

I looked at Coral Reef Villas about 1 1/2 years ago. At that time they were new, had very little furniture and it was of low quality. I thought the Villa's would be fine for an apartment, if you were staying a while. For a vacation, it was probably not the best choice. If you do decide to try them ask for a unit as far from the road as possible. The road dust appears to just roll right in there.
Posted By: indygal

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/21/05 02:19 AM

The Tides is North, just south of the cut a couple blocks. They have a small pool, the beach is fare. They have a dock to swim off also. 10 minute walk to town for all the resturants. I think most of their rooms are singles, they may have one with kitchenette. Not sure.
Posted By: taters & dab

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/23/05 09:04 PM

Cocolocolady & Mustardgirl100,

We stayed at Coral Bay Villas last year. We really liked it. Rafael, the manager, was great. Nice, well furnished rooms. Big. AC in the bedroom. NO POOL but NOW we find out you can use Banyan Bays facilities. Wish Rafael had told us take last year. He owes us one!
Posted By: Coco Loco Lady

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 03/23/05 09:23 PM

taters & dab~
Coral Bay Villas and Coral Reef Villas are two different places. I also have stayed at Coral Bay Villa's and loved it, just wished we would've had a pool.
My understanding is that you can use Banyan Bays facilities if staying at Coral Reef not Coral Bay. But thanks for trying to help.
Posted By: Dolphin7

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 04/07/05 11:53 PM

We have just returned from a long winter's vacation and stayed at the Coral Reef Villas.
For a long term renter they were wonderful. We were able to use all the facilities at the Banyan Bay and were only a short walk from their resort. During our stay at Coral Reef, a lot of the furniture was replaced and our understanding is that they are continuing to upgrade them. We found the apartment very clean and comfortable and all amenities we supplied. We would recommend their villas for low budget accommodation and found it to be one of the better deals available. We would certainly rent from them again.
Posted By: Coco Loco Lady

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 04/10/05 01:36 PM

From an earlier post it was mentioned to get a room as far away from the road as possible, do you feel the same way? We want to go back to AC for a couple of weeks, and are looking for less expensive accomodations ~ we're not in the room much anyway. Would appreciate any other info you could give me on Coral Reef Villa's.
Posted By: Dolphin7

Re: coral reef villas ??? - 04/11/05 03:48 AM


There are two buildings; the building closest to the road has 6 two bedroom apartments and the other has 12 one bedrooms apartments. There are trees in front of the two bedrooms to block the street so it didn't matter that it was close to the street. Each building has two floors, I would recommend staying on the second floor regardless of which building you are in. We were in a two bedroom and didn't have any trouble being close to the street. We found that the location was excellent as ther was a grocery store directly accross the street and within walking distance to most other facilities that we requirred. We did use the facilities at the Banyan Bay on a daily basis, including the safety deposit,internet, pool towels, lounge chairs and of course their pool and the beach. We would be happy to answer any other questions for you. Hope you enjoy your stay there.
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