San Pedro

Posted By: Sun trakker

San Pedro - 03/24/05 03:45 AM

This is our first trip to the island and by reading the posts on this message board, we can't wait. We're staying at the Belize yacht club and were looking for "as another post reads", bars close enough to stumble home from. I can't tell from the map how far away are we from downtown.

We also plan on renting a catamaran and one of the group is a captain. Any ideas on a place to rent one? And, ant special places for a one day sail.

Appreciate your thoughts

Sun Trakker
Posted By: jfabes

Re: San Pedro - 03/24/05 04:24 AM

I am not sure but the belize yacht club looks like it is definitely within stumbling distance from bars on the south end of town. All I know is that casa picaso has half priced margaritas after 9pm so thats where I will be
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Re: San Pedro - 03/24/05 07:06 AM

It's a bit of a jaunt but you can do it. I've stumbled home (Boca del Rio) from Crazy Canuks, many's the time.

Re: San Pedro - 03/24/05 11:35 AM

Catamaran rental. That can be a bit of a stretch. Even for the most experienced the waters inside the reef can be, at best, a bit tricky. A local captain is highly advised if not required. In our experience the possibility of day rentals without a local captain are rare and generally unavailable. Save yourself the angst, arrange for a private day sail with a local captain and relax, enjoy. As an example, El Gato comes to mind. We have used the boat privately several times with a small group. They will go and do what you want to if you make that known up front.
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Re: San Pedro - 03/24/05 01:29 PM

Are you talking a Hobie or a 30'+ cat? Hobies you can get but no one here will bareboat a cruising cat for the day. TMM has a 5 day minimum on their cats as it's not worth the turn around costs on anything less.

If you just want a day trip on an open deck cat then I suggest No Rush or El Gato. Seaduced has a Fountaine Pajot 38' that they do day trips on as well. Any way you go it will be their captain and unless you charter the entire boat there will be others on board for the party.
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Re: San Pedro - 03/24/05 05:58 PM

You are about a mile out of town, not really far, just down the beach, should have no problem stumbling home. Keep you left foot in the water and walk 'til you get there.
I wasn't aware that you could do any bare boat rentals on AC, because of the reef, use a guide.
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Re: San Pedro - 03/24/05 07:04 PM

TMM ( has been doing Bareboat Charters out of San Pedro since '96 and have 21 boats in the fleet ranging from 32' to 46'.
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Re: San Pedro - 03/24/05 10:47 PM

one thing I have discovered is the longer the walk the drunker you end up.
Posted By: jfabes

Re: San Pedro - 03/25/05 12:28 AM

Originally posted by magoo:
one thing I have discovered is the longer the walk the drunker you end up.
ahh magoo dont tell me that because I am staying a ways out of town down at bananna beach
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: San Pedro - 03/25/05 01:06 AM

Well, You will be good and toasted by the time you get to BB. Save room for "One More" at the 'smooch bar' at BB laugh Just remember, if you are coming from town, "Left Foot In The Water" :rolleyes:
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: San Pedro - 03/25/05 03:05 AM

immissing - I stole your line earlier, I loved it when I read it in a different post some time back, but for us it will be the right foot!
As for walking from town to Banana Beach, too far for us, might want to look into renting a golf cart. But that's just me.
Posted By: Sun trakker

Re: San Pedro - 03/28/05 02:29 PM

Thanks everyone for the notes on this. We will be there next week and all 6 of us can't wait. I think we can all remember left foot in water when leaving town.

Thanks again to all who responded.

Sun Trakker
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