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MATA ROCKS VS BLUE TANG ???? - 03/29/05 12:48 AM

First trip Belize and San Pedro
Debating about both places
Any opinions???
I know one is near town and the other is south about 1.5 miles But I am more interested in the comments about the Rooms, the Beach etc.
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Re: MATA ROCKS VS BLUE TANG ???? - 03/29/05 02:21 AM

I don't have a comment on Blue Tang,but I can HIGHLY recommend Mata Rocks....The Suites are good size & the rooms are very comfortable ,The staff is GREAT & the Beach Bar is "The Best"....
The beach is like all the beaches , it has seagrass but is well taken care by Gustavo, a great guy employed there...The owners(Liz & Terry) & the staff will make you feel "right at home"....We have stayed there 4 yrs now& wouldn't even consider anyplace else....Go & have a great time.... laugh wink
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Re: MATA ROCKS VS BLUE TANG ???? - 03/29/05 03:07 PM

We stayed at Blue Tang on our first trip to San Pedro a couple years ago. No complaints, but since then we have found places that have true suites for about the same price. It is nice to have a separate bedroom. That being said, I prefer being closer to town than Mata Rocks. I love Belizean Reef, but no pool. Next trip we'll be at the Palms.
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Re: MATA ROCKS VS BLUE TANG ???? - 03/29/05 03:33 PM

Good morning,
I can only comment on the Blue Tang, having stayed there 2 times. We prefer to be close to town and have been pleased with the service at the Blue Tang. As we spend little time in the room, the fact that there is no separste bedroom has not been a problem for us. We enjoy their pool, always clean. We will be staying there again in January 06. Our room has a nice balcony which we really enjoy in the morning with our continental breakfast that the Blue Tang provides.
If you would like to email me with any questions as you make your mind up, please do!! Fanny is great as are all the folks at the Blue Tang. BUT I believe you will enjoy San Pedro no matter where you end up staying. It will steal your heart.
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Re: MATA ROCKS VS BLUE TANG ???? - 03/29/05 04:24 PM

Not sure when your leaving, but I'll be arriving at the Blue Tang next week. Our group has almost half the rooms in the Blue Tang, so I'll give you a full up-to-date report when I get back.
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Re: MATA ROCKS VS BLUE TANG ???? - 03/29/05 09:37 PM

Like Johnboy I can not comment on Blue Tang other than it is closer to Town. That being said I very highly recommend Matta Rocks.

The rooms are nice, the suites are good size. The staff I'd put up against any on the Island. The beach, while it does have seagrass is well taken care of and who can complain when you about 25 feet from the bar!

From what I've read on the board and seen in person I'm sure the Blue Tang would be a good choice. I don't know anything about the owners or staff however Liz and Terry and the whole gang at Matta Rocks are wonderful people and will make your stay a memorable one.
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Re: MATA ROCKS VS BLUE TANG ???? - 03/29/05 10:46 PM

hey guys!! how are things in maine!!?? we got the pics! thanks much and hope you are well and not suffering too much withdrawal!! i head back to banana beach the 27th of april with my wife this time!!! take care olderandbetter lloyd and nancy from john in denver
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Re: MATA ROCKS VS BLUE TANG ???? - 03/29/05 10:52 PM

flamingojan...Mata rocks is very cool, the suites are very nice and have stayed there twice. they have a great staff and nice a.m. breakfast. the beach area is nice with a nice palapa bar close by the beach and pool so you never want a thing, a great place to stay in my opinion. john in denver
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