Secluded beaches....

Posted By: LH

Secluded beaches.... - 03/30/05 04:08 PM

Does anyone know of any secluded beaches on the west side of the island? I have seen some pictures and the beaches on the 'lagoon' side seem to be very nice with white sand and not much sea grass. How can I get to one of these beaches?
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: Secluded beaches.... - 03/30/05 04:49 PM

I think there are crocks on the lagoon side, so I don't know about swimming over there. We rode bikes over there and had a few drinks at the IT bar for sunset one evening, nice view.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Secluded beaches.... - 03/30/05 05:06 PM

Phyllis&Ray: You were looking at San Pedro Lagoon which is an internal body of water inside of the island. It's mostly muddy shore and is populated with Crocks. The area that LH is thinking of is the western shore of Ambergris Caye and is only accessable by boat. There you'll find some
beautiful white sand beaches and clear water. Get Tulu to show you...
Posted By: jfabes

Re: Secluded beaches.... - 03/30/05 06:13 PM

jesse would those beaches be accessable by sea kayak? or is that too far of a distance to reasonably paddle out to?
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: Secluded beaches.... - 03/30/05 06:22 PM

Cool. Sounds like a plan, might be a good destination for a picnic when we go out with him !!
Thanks for the info !!
Posted By: LH

Re: Secluded beaches.... - 04/01/05 04:21 PM

Who is this Tulu you speak of? Would it be best to rent a water taxi to drop us off and pick us up or actually have a guide take us over there?
Posted By: Phyllis&Ray

Re: Secluded beaches.... - 04/01/05 09:29 PM

Tulu is an independent operator on the island that is available for snorkel, dive, fishing, picnics, bar hopping trips, you make the call. Wonderful man with great stories, we did two of our snorkel outings with him last year and hope to go out with him this year when we return. If you want to find out more about him do a search on Tulu, there are a ton of threads where he is mentioned.
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