Golf Cart rental locations

Posted By: 1goldstar444

Golf Cart rental locations - 04/08/05 11:37 PM

I was looking on the site for golf cart rental places and only found 2...monkey business and castle cars. Are there more out there and if so can anyone give me their web address or a place I can look them up?
Posted By: Djean

Re: Golf Cart rental locations - 04/09/05 02:58 AM

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Golf Cart rental locations - 04/09/05 03:03 AM

Ultimate Rentals- [email protected]
Posted By: Wendy

Re: Golf Cart rental locations - 04/09/05 05:23 AM

Most golfcart rental businesses do not have a website. Why not arrange rental once you are there? There are at least half a dozen places that rent carts. You may get a better deal being there in person. Cash might get a better deal than credit card. cool
Posted By: CyaBye

Re: Golf Cart rental locations - 04/12/05 02:59 PM

Wendy has the best idea, wait until you get there! It isn't as if there won't be carts available when you arrive, and you'll be in a much better position to negotiate price. Last time I was there, I rented one for a month and it only cost me US $500 for the entire month. If you look at the web sites, some people pay that for one week.
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