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LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/12/05 03:31 PM

has anyone out there experienced any dive instruction from Victoria House? Ron is a certified diver, I am not, and NOT SURE if I want to or can be. They claim they have one on one instruction.
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Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/13/05 02:05 AM

My nephew was certified by Protech (PADI) (just up the beach at the Yacht Club Pier). Jr is a PADI instructor. It was the best experience we could hope for. My husband and I have been diving for over 20 years. Protech would rate as one of the best dive operations hands down we have been to.
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Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/13/05 03:32 PM

Since we live near Reno, Nv, I would have to take the dive tests in Lake Tahoe - COLD! So we were thinking about doing the referral course in AC. Certainly would be alot warmer and prettier, as there is nothing in Lake Tahoe to see.
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Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/13/05 03:39 PM

Originally posted by scubaron:
there is nothing in Lake Tahoe to see.
There's awesome skiing!

Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/13/05 03:44 PM

Over the past three years we've had 4 people do their OW referral through Amigos Del Mar. As one might expect everything with Amigos was first class. The wife did her OW out of Victoria House some years ago, but we seem not to hear much about their dive operation these days.
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Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/13/05 03:50 PM

One good thing about doing a referral is that in Reno, Diver Certificaton cost $150.00, rather than the $350 in AC.

TQ: I really meant IN Lake Tahoe. The area is beautiful, with plenty of things to do. Ron did his certs there, and beside a log, a sunken small boat, there was nothing much to see, not even fish.
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Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/13/05 04:01 PM

I hear ya. Not too much here in good ole' H-town so I am jealous of anyone living by water or snow! LOL!

It's $100 to get certified here in Houston... or I should say it can be that inexpensive.
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Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/13/05 04:18 PM

We'd be a little jealous about that! Seems everytime we go on vacation, we go through Houston. The airfares are so much cheaper from there than here (almost doubled). But you can keep the
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Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/14/05 10:39 PM

To shorten the process here a little I quite often get people to buy and study the manual at home, then do the "knowledge reviews" at the end of each chapter and email them to me. I mark them and make any appropriate comments and email them back. That way they are fully prepared when they get here, and only have the confined water skills and dives to do. Saves on precious vacation time, and in particular avoids hours spent in a classroom.
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Re: LEARNING TO DIVE? - 04/15/05 12:32 AM

pedro 2? You said you take e-mailed answers and homework. Are you a dive instructor? How would I go about this, as classroom time is not all that interesting, and if I could get that out of the way, then do the dive ppart in AC it would be awesome.
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