Bars in San Pedro

Posted By: Bronx Girl

Bars in San Pedro - 04/16/05 05:11 PM

I hear alot about Bars North and South. What are some good bars in Town??
Sharks ??
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Bars in San Pedro - 04/16/05 07:51 PM

To mention but a few in the heart of town ......... Cholos. Fidos. Holiday Hotel. Canibals. Pier Lounge. BC's. Blue Water. Ramon's.
One of the best daytime hangs for ice-cold beer (also huge breakfasts starting at 6 am) and the best collection of recorded music in Belize - Estelle's Dine by the Sea.
San Pedro can be one long pub-crawl.

Re: Bars in San Pedro - 04/16/05 07:53 PM


Amen to Charlie's collection of music. Hard to describe. Well, then again so is Charlie. Apologies to my friend.
Posted By: rockfish

Re: Bars in San Pedro - 04/18/05 12:38 AM

Shark's is no longer. It's been total rebuilt, minus the shark pen, and now goes by it's old name The Tackle Box. And I must say they did a nice job.
Posted By: ilandhoper

Re: Bars in San Pedro - 04/18/05 10:38 PM

Don't forget Mango's. South end of town on the beach. Great little bar....
Posted By: IRM

Re: Bars in San Pedro - 04/18/05 10:57 PM

Casa Picasso is a must do! The best vodka martini drinks. Wish I had a Cosmo right now.
Posted By: sanpedroone

Re: Bars in San Pedro - 04/19/05 05:31 AM

In the near future, you listen to the best Reggae collection in Belize,(over 400 CDs) and drink Jamaican white rum....should be up and running within 4 months. Anyone interested?
Posted By: J DOG

Re: Bars in San Pedro - 04/21/05 09:32 PM

Don't forget to catch a sunset with Barefoot Skinny at his Hammock House. It rocks!! And you get to go across the hand ferry!!! Great experience.
But for the coldest beer on the island, nothing compares to Cholo's Bar.
Posted By: BDinAZ

Re: Bars in San Pedro - 04/23/05 03:22 AM


Just caught your post.
We will be down in August.
May or may not time out for your grand opening.
We will be following your progress.

good luck
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