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Retaurants - 04/20/05 12:35 AM

Since restaurants are constantly changing, I always check the board for recent comments on what's good, bad, new or gone. Here's my feedback on places we ate at during our recent trip.

Caliente - We ate at Caliente for lunch and dinner; both were excellent. We had guacamole & chips, enchiladas, fajitas for lunch – very tasty. Highly recommend both the chicken picatta and the pez Mexicana for dinner. Great tasting salsa. Had a seat on the balcony for the Friday night chicken drop, however, the rooster was hugely upstaged by humans….

BC’s BBQ - Excellent as always – too much good food and too much fun. We got there at 11:30 – anyplace except on the beach in San Pedro the 45 minute wait for food would have been irritating. As it was, there was plenty of time to enjoy the view, the drinks and the people.

Stained Glass Pub - Standard pub fare – whadya expect for Shephard’s Pie…. Tasted good with Marie Sharp’s. Simon – it was nice meeting you – we hope everything’s going well for you.

El Patio - Was great for a quiet dinner after a day-long trip. Shrimp in butter and garlic tasted great. Atmosphere was good, with subdued lighting, sand floor and an unobtrusive guitarist.

Jambel’s Jerk Pit - Only disappointing meal of the trip. Although it’s a jerk restaurant, we’ve always enjoyed their fish and chips with jerk sauce on the side. The night we ate there, the fish was mostly breading – the jerk sauce was as good as ever. We probably just ordered the wrong thing that night….

The Reef - Food was good, but, not as good as at El Patio or Blue Water. Not disappointing, but not on our “must-do” list either.

Carumba - Had a great dinner. Since we don’t drink, we enjoyed Carumba’s smoothies. Conch ceviche was excellent, along with shrimp and fajitas. The street in front of Caramba’s is currently being paved, but it’s worth walking through the construction area to get there.

Wet Willy’s Bar & Cantina - Had breakfast there – food was adequate but very forgettable, although it was pleasant sitting out on the dock to eat.

Papi's - Never seems to change - always good standard food. Can't go wrong with their fish burger for a fast lunch or with the rosemary chicken for dinner. Papi got married on the Saturday we were there, so the restaurant was closed for the day. The celebration kept the neighborhood hopping 'til about 2:00 AM.... So congratulate Papi when you stop by.

Blue Water Grill - Ate there for lunch just before flying back to the states…. Fish and chips were excellent. Caye lime pie was good, although I like the custard type better than the kind made with condensed milk. It was an excellent place to end the trip, relax and start missing San Pedro.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 02:54 AM

Skyliner FIVE STARS to you for Restaurant reporting.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 08:22 AM

Congradulations Mami and Papi!!!! PS. at least BC's didn't give you the bums rush. :rolleyes:
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Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 03:42 PM

Great post and it was a pleasure to meet you guys as well, I hope the trip was everything you wished for.

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Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 06:23 PM

EL Patio where is it can not seem to find it on the map
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Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 06:53 PM

El Patio is on one of the cross between Front and Middle Streets - I think it was Black Coral Street, however, it could be Buccaneer, which is one street north.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 07:06 PM

Seems right near Belize Bank???
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 07:38 PM

No, other end of town, on side street across from Coral Beach Hotel.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 08:58 PM

Thanks Skyliner. I'll use your list as my restaurant guide for my first trip next month.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/20/05 10:01 PM

You'll have a great time - there are more good places to eat at than you'll have time for. We've always liked Sweet Basil - north of the cut, but we didn't have time this trip. I did notice that the place is for sale, so you may want to check with locals to find out if it's still open when you're there. We've also enjoyed Celi's - their cheese stuffed, beer battered fish is a heart attack on a plate, but it was always good. They also have, in my opinion, the 2nd best caye lime pie on the island. Jade Garden's is the best.

If for nothing other than grins, you also owe it to yourself to visit the Pandulce Bakery in the Boca del Rio area - Middle Street, just south of the hand ferry over the cut. Their cinnamon pull-apart bread is tasty and it's fun shopphing there.

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Re: Retaurants - 04/21/05 03:19 AM

ahhh ... ouuuu .... THE bakery! Try and get out with just one treat, impossible laugh
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Re: Retaurants - 04/23/05 06:09 PM

The bakery was the BOMB!!!... especially the pastry covered hot dogs. The pastry was so flaky ... we had them for breakfast w/coffee/ juice. We also had the best tostadas at Zam-bu-jos ... I'm sure I've spelled it incorrectly, but the name of the restaurant means shallow water in Maya. It is on the lagoon side ...

You can walk everywhere on the island... I love that!!!
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Re: Retaurants - 04/25/05 10:25 PM

You're right, Skyliner - too many choices, not enogh time! In addition to your reviews... Highly recommend the fish burger at Celi's - a perfect lunch. Had excellent stew chicken/rice/beans at Micky's one night last week. And though it's not really "island food," Casa Picasso was fabulous - especially the "cracked coconut" dessert. The bakery was a great place to buy breakfast treats. Our only disappointing meal was at Las Margarita's/Duane's.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/26/05 12:25 AM

You're right, there's a lot of great places to eat here these days! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, join us again!
Oh, and now some quick business:
Casa Picasso
Belize Bank

Pay to the order of____ Dee Thomas _____
one commision check :p
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Re: Retaurants - 04/26/05 12:56 AM

Well Chris, make that check payable to the San Pedro Social Club, We need it and thanks for your support.

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Re: Retaurants - 04/26/05 05:08 AM

I found Mango's to have some pretty tasty food. In fact that was the only place I ate in town. Wanted to eat at fidos but didnt really see anything that apetizing on their menu.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/26/05 01:46 PM

Sweet Basil is great when you finally get tired of Belizean food. I hope the new owners maintain it's menu. I'm particularly fond of their Greek style pasta. Ambergris Delights is inexpensive and has good fish and chicken. Captain Jeff once shared his catch, which they cooked for him, with us. Yum. Micky's has a very good chimole and escabece on alternating Sundays for lunch. Also, an incredibly big Mexican plate every day. On the upscale end, I like Capricorn and Rendevous up north. I had a wonderful lunch at Mata Chica, also up north this last time. Check with Wine de Vine, they have a web site, I think it is [email protected] They have a regular upscale dinner at different resturants, I think monthly, that I never seem to be there for, but it sounds wonderful. Also, when there they have some great snacks for a picnic. I really like Jamica Jerk, especially the old one near the pier (in case you are unfamiliar with San Pedro, there are two). I was sorry to hear the one responder had a not pleasant experience there. I always have. The caye lime pie is outstanding, as is the coconut chicken. Well, actually, I've liked everything there. If you are really into meat, and I mean REALLY, try Davino's. Boy, have they got meat. A huge Argentian grill. More than any human could eat.
And, never underestimate the cinnamon buns at Ruby's.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/26/05 02:26 PM

marie my love ,the catch was prepared at stainglass pub one of the best restaurants on the island.. not ambergris delight.and if marie the owner/chef is there ,she does just wonderful things with seafood ...and sat. night italian ,night the dishes are super..but I do not eat shepard pie there .to me it is more than pub food ..
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Re: Retaurants - 04/26/05 02:41 PM

If you want local, Antojitos is great. It's up toward Mata Rocks near some Chinese restaurants. The best breakfasts we had were at Ricos. Loved the street vendors burritos. Caliente's is also delicious. Victoria House has some pretty amazing food too. Marie is right about meat at El Devinos..I have never quite seen anything like the portions they serve.
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To add from our trip 4/4 - 4/14

Elvi's was great. Shrimp special and stuffed chicken.

Casa Picasso, off the beaten path but nice ambiance and good food.
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Re: Retaurants - 04/27/05 03:11 AM

Marie - if you want to help, at least get the facts straight to point them in the right direction. Poor souls might be wandering aimlessly all over that big island looking for nonexistent's not "Argentian grill", it's a "Brazilian Style Rotisserie"
and is found at El Divino (at Banana Beach), not at Davino's.

And while we're at it - it's JAMBEL's Jerk, which happens to be Jamaican food....

[email protected] is not a website, Marie, its an email address :rolleyes:

Somethings never change ........

DB - want some green beans now? frown
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Re: Retaurants - 04/27/05 07:06 PM

for quick bbq chicken Ali Babas, near the airport
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