Iguana Gardens

Posted By: sanpedroone

Iguana Gardens - 05/10/05 05:03 AM

Does anyone know about, or stayed at Iguana Gardens apartments? I know it is near Xanadu, but can not locate a web site. confused
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: Iguana Gardens - 05/10/05 06:28 AM

I used to live there when the original owners owned them. Very nice property. Well built. They were designed for housing the students at the old medical school. They are not cheap, but worth the money if you can afford it. I don't like the fence that is around the property now...but....I guess they did that for better security. I don't however know the present rates, or ownwership. They are basically US style 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. The two bedrooms have a private bath in each room. A window A/C is located in the living area of each unit. Not that you'd use it after your first month there anyway. The kitchens are excellent. Nice stove and fridge. Water is WASA and no problems there. ( that is when it it on. ) I had two butane tanks for the stove and only needed a refill about every two months. You may need less, as I cook a lot at home. The location is great. Just south of La Margaritas, and just a short walk to Marinas store for groceries. Hope this helps...
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