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Introductions.... - 05/26/05 05:06 PM

Hello all !
My name is Anthony. I love to Fish and Dive. I'm new to the board so I thought I'd introduce myself...

I was wondering if anyone out there may direct me to the correct path. My wife is a Colombian trained Physician. We were considering a relo to AC and wondered if anyone may know where to begin our search for her licensing information and Govt. Regs regarding this type of thing.

Any help would be great ! I know in some places it is somewhat rude to ask a favor upon introduction, but I promose to contribute as much as I can in the future....I will at least keep the good cheer up !!


Cheers !
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Re: Introductions.... - 05/26/05 05:16 PM

Have you tried looking under "Living in Belize". You may find some helpful information there.
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Re: Introductions.... - 05/26/05 06:04 PM

Thanks, I have been pouring through it. There is certainly alot of info there. Each piece a little more interesting than the next. I (guiltily ) was hoping for a shortcut from someeone who may point me to the govt agency pages that regulates such a thing.....Oh well, sometimes you just have to put the work in.

Thanks !
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Introductions.... - 05/26/05 06:23 PM

Hang in there... someone will know the answer. wink
Posted By: Hon

Re: Introductions.... - 05/26/05 07:07 PM

You could also try posting to in one of the Business forums.

Posted By: Cookinman

Re: Introductions.... - 05/26/05 08:14 PM

Thanks Hon.....<giggle> wink
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Introductions.... - 05/26/05 09:38 PM

You can start by contacting the dept. of Health and they can direct to licensing prodcedures. It can be a very lengthy process and you do have to spend some time working for the govt. Have you been to Belize?
Posted By: Cookinman

Re: Introductions.... - 05/26/05 10:16 PM

Have not been to Belize as of yet....We live in South Florida and have travelled the Carribean extensively ( save of course Belize ) She is Colombian and though from Medellin, we have always gravitated towards the coast as we love to fish and dive........At this point we are really in the exploratory stages. There are many attractive qualities to living there as oppores to other places, but yes a trip ( actally quite a few ) are in order before a strong commitment is made...

My wife, being Bi- Lingual and a great Dr. ( yes I am unabashedly biased laugh smile laugh ) Would be a great assett anywhere as she is truly interested more in doctoring than HMO bill rates...

We have much more research to do, but one thing is certain, we will be somewhere in the Caribe within a 3 yr time span...we have committed to this much.
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