Birds Eye View Lodge--know it?

Posted By: Gordon Schumway

Birds Eye View Lodge--know it? - 06/02/05 10:56 PM

I realize this isn't an AC question, but I'm addicted to this forum now! I searched on this term and came up with one post on this item, so I thought I'd send it out to the group and see who knows what.

I'm thinking of spending 2-3 days here and 4-5 days on AC in October and am looking for any comments from experienced people. I realize I could just stay on AC and do day trips to the wildlife sanctuary, ruins, etc. But I thought once I got to AC, I'd be reluctant to do anything other than read trashy novels on the beach, nap in a hammock and sail and snorkel.

Is it a good place? Does my plan have merit? I'm totally making it up as I go, so any advice is welcome. Thanks.
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: Birds Eye View Lodge--know it? - 06/02/05 11:15 PM

I love Crooked Tree village and Birds Eye is about the nicest inn overooking the lagoon. Make sure you do the full day boat trip on the lagoon and rivers. You can also visit Lamanai, Altun Ha, the Zoo or Baboon Sanctuary based from here. Have cashew wine, stewed cashew, roasted cashew, cashew fruit-you get the pix- and tilapia fish, anyway they prepare it.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Birds Eye View Lodge--know it? - 06/02/05 11:47 PM

I agree with Katie. Birds Eye is a little unusual for Crooked Tree in that it's a large concrete building, but it has a lovely location overlooking the lagoon.

I'd also check out Paradise Inn for something more traditional -- thatch cabanas near the lagoon.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: reaper

Re: Birds Eye View Lodge--know it? - 06/03/05 02:45 AM

Gordon Schumway...come to AC in February and I'll give you a bird's eye view of San Pedro. I'll even throw in a bag of salted cashews! Bring the trashy novel and underline the good parts to share with us on the plane ride up! cool laugh
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