Blue Tang Inn

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Blue Tang Inn - 06/18/05 06:39 PM

Is anyone familiar with the Blue Tang Inn? My husband and I have reserved a room there for our honeymoon. We like its proximity to town but also hope to enjoy the beach and water. The rooms look nice and clean on their website.
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 06/18/05 11:36 PM

What's this poll thing? Seems to have nothing to do with your post.
I have stayed at the Blue Tang - back when it was Rock's Inn. Yes, it is nice and far enough away from the noise of town to be enjoyed --- except don't expect to sleep on Wednesday night as that is Ladies Night at Wet Willy's - right in front of the Blue Tang. So, just go and have fun.
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 06/19/05 03:57 AM

I didn't get the poll thing, either!

I stayed at the Blue Tang in '03 and loved everything about it. The pool is small but not crowded....good selection of chairs around it, too! Suite 15 was very nice and the staff was most helpful before and during our stay. I really liked the British Colonial look of it, too. The beach in front is nicer than many, but all of the swimming that I saw took place at the end of the Paradise Villas dock. The Blue Tang staff kept the beach clear of washed up seagrass, but there is a lot of it growing in the water. We like having a kitchen and being close to town. There are two grocery stores 5 minutes away and a bakery a couple of blocks north. The continental breakfast was also a treat each morning.

We would have stayed there on our return visit, but we were late with our planning and they didn't have 5 available suites for our group. (We stayed at Nellie Gomez's Paradise Villas next door and were happy there, too, even though we were in a garden view villa!)

Wednesday nights at Wet Willy's didn't bother us at either place. We sat outside by the pool listening to the music and laughter in the distance and remembering our younger days. I wish we had spent some of them in San Pedro!
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 06/20/05 01:03 PM

My wife and I have stayed at the Blue Tang twice. And are going back in Jan 06 and bringing some friends with us. We really like the Blue Tang alot. The staff is awesome. The breakfast is good and the rooms are great. One of the best things for us is the location, which we feel is excellent. Close to everywhere we like to go.
As far as Wet Willys on Wednesday nights, we have never heard them. Either still out or already asleep.
AND very close to Papi's Restaurant where you can get the best breakfast burrito around!!!
Have a great trip!!
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 06/21/05 12:59 AM

Thank you for the feedback, sounds like we'll have a great time!
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 06/21/05 12:59 AM

Oh, and I have no idea about the poll thing, this was my first time to post a question and I obviously did something wrong!
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 06/21/05 11:52 PM

My husband and I stayed at Blue Tang last July. The staff was really great and the rooms are close to town. But Wednesday night we were woken by the crowd leaving at 2am.
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 11/26/05 09:14 PM

Just got back from AC and stayed at Blue Tang. Didn't notice ANY noise from Wet Willy's on Wednesday night. We stayed in Suite # 8. If anyone is going to Blue Tang, say "Hi" to Allan and Fannie in the office. They're SO wonderful!
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 11/26/05 09:16 PM

my friend lives right there at Wet Willies pier, no noise ever from ladies night.
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Re: Blue Tang Inn - 11/28/05 06:51 AM

On the "poll thing" I believe that people do that because of the way "buttons" are laid out.

It was kind of confusing for me the first time as the "post poll" button stands out whereas you have to hover over the add topic "button" to realize it is a button...

Also the bracketed [add topic] kind of makes it hard to read on my laptop monitor.

I would suggest using the same type of "button" for each option and getting rid of the [add topic] and [reply]in the background as it just makes it hard to read.

Can you tell I am bored and waiting for Thursday to get here so I can get there?
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