banyan bay villas

Posted By: ktarnold

banyan bay villas - 06/20/05 12:50 AM

Banyan Bay Villas seem to offer a great package for new visitors (with teenagers) such as ourselves. Looked also at Coral reef Villas, Coral Bay Villas and Caribbean Villas. The last sounded wonderful but my kids wanted a pool to play around in after days in the ocean. Before I book Banyon Bay tho, just wanted to know if everyone out there agrees.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: banyan bay villas - 06/20/05 12:55 AM

I just stayed at Banyon Bay, beautiful place, great location. I was very happy. Private message me so I can let you know about my only disappointment. (doesn't sound like it would matter for you since it's your first time going there and you are going on a family trip.) I think you'll really enjoy it there.
Have Fun. 16 more days until my return!!
Posted By: ktarnold

Re: banyan bay villas - 06/20/05 01:36 AM

What didn't you like about Banyan Bay?
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: banyan bay villas - 06/20/05 05:36 AM

Hey there! I sent you a private message. Please know that I did very much like the facility and location of Banyon Bay, it was BEAUTIFUL in and outside the villas. I private messaged you my problem encountered. I would still recommend Banyon Bay to many people. Myself, I couldn't stay there again. Plus, I love being closer to town usually when I visit.
Posted By: tcline1

Re: banyan bay villas - 06/20/05 07:16 PM

Banyan Bay is nice, stayed there at Christmas. It is a little far from town which can be good or bad depending on the person. The pool and staff are great. Overall I really liked it.
Posted By: tazzer

Re: banyan bay villas - 06/21/05 05:27 PM

hi KE-would you mind doing me a favour & email me the problem you encountered. I'm about to book in for wedding & want to make sure I've covered all bases before I'm locked in. thanks so much.
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