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Posted By: theeux

fishing guides for August - 07/06/05 11:09 AM

I have contacted Hillyboo at [email protected] and I have had some informations about fishing. I have answered him for booking an half day fishing (in order to begin then after if all is ok we can repeat) but I have no received any answer yet. Can someone help me ?
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: fishing guides for August - 07/06/05 12:07 PM

theeux, think about this for an idea. Don't book anything. Go there and get a feel and find the boat docks on west side. Find Freedom tours and talk to Hilly Boo about half day on a nice day EARLY in morning if that's what you like. I do and would meet at Freedom about 7 you can get right to fishing. He'll do it, I think, he did it for me last April 3 times. wink
Posted By: splecs

Re: fishing guides for August - 07/06/05 01:25 PM

I Fished with Hiilybo this weekend. My word of caution is to make it clear what you want. I thought I did that and got something completely different. Our guide was alberto. He was at least 30 minutes late evryday and one day showed up without poles to take us snorkeling instead (not what we wanted). We did catch 6 bones in the lagoon the day we went on a half day.

So it depends on what you want from it. just make it clear to them.
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: fishing guides for August - 07/06/05 06:26 PM

splecs, sorry to read that. WE went out with Cord and he was accomadating and thoughtfull. Each time in one half day we caught plenty of fish, but then again it was last two weeks in April. I still say don't plan ahead and see how it looks at about 4:30 or 5 and if you want to go out call Hilly Boo on his cell or at home about 6 and get set up and go. Tight lines to ya and have fun. cool
Posted By: Hightide

Re: fishing guides for August - 07/06/05 08:03 PM

Anyone ever heard of Bobby Holliday? Have gone with him a couple of times and had fun but didn't catch much. Great guy but wondering if he knows his 'fishing'. Maybe just bad luck those days?
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