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Posted By: bubbleblower

Dive Master - 07/11/05 10:53 PM

We are going to Ambergris Caye in December and would like to find a private dive master if possible. We found one in Cozumel and really enjoyed the experience. Does anyone have any recommendations for us??????????????
Posted By: knowell

Re: Dive Master - 07/11/05 11:15 PM

Tulu is good for a small group. We used him last week. Cell # 600-4582 Home # 226-2287.
Posted By: bubbleblower

Re: Dive Master - 07/11/05 11:26 PM

So, what is the number? I would be calling from the States (Oregon) does he have email???
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Dive Master - 07/11/05 11:59 PM

no email
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Dive Master - 07/12/05 01:18 AM

Ditto Tulu. As he says, "There's more time than life!" laugh
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Dive Master - 07/12/05 01:24 AM

If Tulu isn't available you can get a divemaster from many of the dive centers.
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