Posted By: Johnboy

MataRocks - 07/12/05 06:39 PM

To all the staff at MataRocks----- THANKS for another GREAT vacation You have to be the BEST on the island....For anyone who is looking for a great resort , I suggest you check-out MataRocks....... wink laugh cool
Posted By: mobunny

Re: MataRocks - 07/12/05 07:11 PM

Hey johnboy, Irm and I are staying for our first time at Mata Rocks for two weeks in August. Our choice to stay there was influenced by your consistent rave reviews. We have the oceanfront junior suite with private balcony...can't wait! Did you leave us any rum at Squirrel's Nest!?! 22 days and counting...mobunny cool
Posted By: Beachy

Re: MataRocks - 07/12/05 07:35 PM

Icing down the lemondrop shaker now! Added some good veggie items recently too! look forward to see you both!
Casa Picasso smile
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: MataRocks - 07/12/05 11:03 PM

Mobunny----We tried to drink all the rum but as soon as we got close they brought in another supply. So don't worry there will be plenty....Also you will be treated like "royalty". laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: knowell

Re: MataRocks - 07/13/05 03:28 AM

We checked out the suites and looked great. We checked out 5s and 6s. Mounny you are probably in 6s and it looked great. We have visited there several years when Johnboy and wife were there. Met the owners last week and they are great (sorry don't exactly remember the names and don't want to get them wrong). That should say something about the drinks at The Squirrels Nest. You should have fun. If not you are not trying (ha).
Posted By: collyk

Re: MataRocks - 07/13/05 08:10 AM

I second that. We stayed at Mata Rocks in February and tried both the poolside rooms and the suites. Can't remember the number but it was the upstairs one. Loved it so much, we are going back in December and staying in that suite again. Wonderful helpful staff, lovely beach and great beach bar. The owners are Liz and Terry.
Posted By: mobunny

Re: MataRocks - 07/13/05 03:30 PM

Chris - can't wait to see you guys, the renovations and the new menu! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lemon Drop.

Johnboy, knowell and collyk - thanks for the assurances that we have made a great lodging choice. Mata Rocks sounds perfect. We are in the ground floor oceanfront suite (#6 I think). We wanted the direct access to the pool- oh who am I trying to kid - we wanted direct access to the Squirrel's Nest. Irm and I are really laid back and have a fun time no matter where we go so it looks like this trip will be one to remember.

21 days and counting...mobunny cool
Posted By: NYgal

Re: MataRocks - 07/13/05 05:29 PM

I always look forward to your photos and trip report smile

Kick back, have fun and ENJOY every moment.
Good choice wink
Posted By: marge

Re: MataRocks - 07/22/05 03:39 AM

Mobunny, Please post as many pictures as you can. We are staying at Mata Rocks for two weeks in February. 197 days and counting. Ha! Ha! Anticipation is half the fun!
Posted By: mobunny

Re: MataRocks - 07/23/05 05:11 AM

Will do. Just bought a fancy new digital camera to take lost of pics with! mobunny cool
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