Digital Pics to CD

Posted By: Littleengine

Digital Pics to CD - 07/26/05 02:04 AM

Being my first trip to the island I'm sure I'll be burning through my memory cards at a very rapid pace... anyone know how much Coconet Internet Cafe charges to transfer digital pics to CD. I didn't see an email or prices for stuff like that on their website.
Posted By: Now Danny

Re: Digital Pics to CD - 07/26/05 11:22 AM

Whatever it is I sure it's fair and reasonable. wink
Posted By: sunfish

Re: Digital Pics to CD - 07/26/05 02:35 PM

I think Belicolor Photo Services does reasonable I don't know.....also the guy in the stationery store at San Pedrano Hotel was talking about getting the equipment to do that. I don't know if he did.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Digital Pics to CD - 07/26/05 03:33 PM

Gecko Graphics on Buccaneer Street (side street by Post Office)charge Bz$10. It is probably cheaper at the Internet Cafes's as I presume you do the work yourself, but its an option or at worst a price guideline.
Posted By: FishingSanPedro

Re: Digital Pics to CD - 07/26/05 03:33 PM

This is Steve from CocoNet

We charge $20BZ to burn a cd of pictures.

If you want, you can empty your chip onto a hard drive here and fill it up again several times. At the end of your stay we can burn all the picts on a single CD for you (space permiting of course).

Posted By: klcman

Re: Digital Pics to CD - 07/26/05 08:02 PM

Steve rocks!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Digital Pics to CD - 07/26/05 08:22 PM

what a deal steve is the bomb//and a real nice guy..
Posted By: Littleengine

Re: Digital Pics to CD - 07/27/05 12:12 AM

Thanks. Belicolor charges 25Bz for this service. Still not a bad price. Gecko sounds the cheapest, but I like the option of being able to return to Steve's to keep dumping pics and then burn them all at once. Saying onto one disk is a little optimistic, though, haha... will be more like several. When it's my first trip somewhere new and I don't know how long it'll be before I'll be able to go back (if ever at all) I have been known to take hundreds of pics. I'm sure you'll see me there often. :-)
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