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Posted By: bamj

first time - 07/29/05 12:51 PM

three questions.
How bad are the mosquitos? We will be in AC on Mon Aug 1-8.Do we need to worry about malaria?(This question is because of info fron the travel health .com)
Will be staying at the Bannana Beach. Does the water smell like sulfur?
Fun question the festival will be Aug 4-7. Is everything happen in San Pedro?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: first time - 07/29/05 01:59 PM

#1 - Depends on the wind, if the wind is down (happens) or from the backside (not often) they can be a pain but mainly at sundown, plain old OFF usually works fine. Malaria is not an issue on the island only if you will be spending time at one of the more remote jungle lodges.

#2 - I doubt it, they are on town water, it will smell like chlorine. Only those on wells smell like sulfur.

#3 - It's all in San Pedro.
Posted By: CarribeanSunSeeker

Re: first time - 07/29/05 02:25 PM

We should be in San Pedro beginning Aug. 5. What festival? What could we expect to see?
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: first time - 07/29/05 02:47 PM

Costa Maya Festival. You can probably do a search or look at The San Pedro Sun, paper.
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Re: first time - 07/29/05 02:58 PM

This may be helpful.. smile
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: first time - 07/30/05 05:51 PM

Costa Maya
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Re: first time - 08/01/05 04:54 AM
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