New band in town!

Posted By: SimonB

New band in town! - 08/14/05 05:21 PM

Went out last night and caught 20/20 at Fido's. They sounded great for only having played 3 gigs together.

The line up is:

Jim on drums - formerly Red Reef
Adam on bass - formerly of Red Reef
Mark on acoustic and vocals - formerly of Belizean Shores
Russel on lead guitar - working with Ebbe on the new studio.

Make sure you check them out and support them when you hit town.
Posted By: WhiteWater

Re: New band in town! - 08/14/05 05:43 PM

I'll look forward to catching them play. What sort of genre are they playing? Mixed?

~ MJ
Posted By: SimonB

Re: New band in town! - 08/14/05 06:31 PM

Classic and new Rock, when I walked in they were playing Free Bird. Played some Green Day, Sabbath and Floyd as well.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: New band in town! - 08/14/05 07:32 PM

Ovation Legend Acoustic Electric. Tried it out onstage last night, plays like a dream. Unfortunately it was plugged in and turned on so about 100 people ran for the doors.
Posted By: snorkelbud

Re: New band in town! - 08/15/05 07:55 PM

so what happened to red reef?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: New band in town! - 08/15/05 09:12 PM

There's 2 sides to every story, best to ask the parties involved.
Posted By: Under Da Water

Re: New band in town! - 08/17/05 05:07 PM

Red Reef broke up due to personal reasons. I love that excuse, you can really get away with anything by saying "personal reasons." But honestly being in a band is like being married to 4-5 guys (Yikes!) so a lot of times conflicts happen. Sometimes bands overcome these conflicts for the sake of the music, and are stronger because of it. In Red Reef's case one member left the other 4 because he just wasn't feeling the vibe anymore. All things happen for a reason, now we have one of the best bands in Belize playing weekly in San Pedro; 20/20. You guys all need to come and check them out! They put on a really great show, playing great Rock and Blues. They play every week Wed. and Sat. at Fidos Courtyard. See you there.
Posted By: renski

Re: New band in town! - 08/19/05 02:30 AM

ok now iam curious....under da water...are you really Tim?? It would only make sense..
Posted By: Dallas Dave

Re: New band in town! - 08/19/05 03:57 AM

Makes no sense to me...Skinny plays tuesday nights
Posted By: Loansum-Al K

Re: New band in town! - 08/19/05 05:02 AM

Are you going to be around the first week in October? Janet & I will be there for 10 days. Would really like to get together with you.
Al & Janet Kruebbe
Posted By: Beliglen

Re: New band in town! - 08/19/05 02:41 PM

So Red Reef broke up because one member wasn't "feeling the vibe"? I was a member of that band and the "vibe" that the one member(guitarist) was feeling was the one where you do lots of drugs and screw over the people who really care about the music and thier future together! Because he (guitarist) screwed us, other members, who had been on the island longer and had more invested were forced to leave because he (guitarist) screwed up thier livlihood. I was there, I went through the experience,and I can tell you it had nothing to do with feelings for anyone but himself(guitarist)! Karma is a B**** dude.
Posted By: Bearfoot Gibby

Re: New band in town! - 08/20/05 07:10 AM


Dave, TBudd, and Glenn. Looks like an A-list band is lurking on the back beat of this thread.
Bands come and go like a bar room romance after breakfast is cooked. I have had the opportunity to jam with those speaking and one thing for sure is that nothing musically lasts 4ever.
Jam on guys and keep the reef rockin.

Posted By: Last night I dreamt of San Pedro

Re: New band in town! - 08/20/05 09:53 PM

So did Gino move back to the states then???
Posted By: M.T.Purse

Re: New band in town! - 08/26/05 07:00 AM

I had the pleasure of listening to the band last night. What a nice bunch of guys! Great music! Seems to me that BeliGlen is very bitter. What I heard is that he was the one "not feeling the vibe", and I believe that he was the one who left the island? But who cares? it's not exactly breaking news if some guy leaves a bar band. BeliGlen, get over it. At the end of the day it's all about the music smile
20/20 Keep on rockin'. I'll be down there dancin' on Saturday.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: New band in town! - 08/26/05 03:53 PM

I'd be bitter as well if my ability to live on the island was taken away from me by circumstances beyond my control.
Posted By: Beachy

Re: New band in town! - 08/26/05 04:38 PM

Being a big music fan I have to hand this thread the VH1 Behind the Music Thread of The Month It's all about the music,but overlooking politicsand backstory in music is like skipping the frosting in the middle of your birthday cake! These guys indeed will rock (In the early RR days I once had the pleasure of hearing them during dinner at Jade Garden, even wink ) I don't get downtown in the eves due to my own scene, but I'm standing up and applauding from afar. The 20/20 line-up is groovin'.
As a public service (to nobody really) I offer
Some possible band mottos:
20/20--See straight!
20/20--Dont see em straight!
20/20--visionary music
20/20--Don't blink!
20/20--audible illusion
20/20--get a contact high
yeah, I know, bands don't usually do mottos....

geez, I gotta cut back on the morning espressos.
Posted By: Gela

Re: New band in town! - 08/26/05 04:54 PM

20/20 Seeing eye to eye
20/20 Here's lookin at you Babe
20/20 Hind sight

Chris, I'm a diet coke addict myself laugh
Posted By: Beachy

Re: New band in town! - 08/26/05 05:30 PM

Originally posted by Gela:

20/20 Hind sight
Yeesss, and they could all sing/play standing facing the drummer...I see a concept band coming together here!
Posted By: Gela

Re: New band in town! - 08/26/05 06:39 PM

Beachy - LOL I love it. Cant' wait to come back! laugh
Posted By: trudatt

Re: New band in town! - 10/09/05 11:45 PM

Sounds like m.t.purse has no heart.I would be upset if some bumbaclot guitar plinker ras up mi job and mi ability to make money too. Dis "bar band" was obviously about da music and da guitarboy was not!
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