Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas

Posted By: snorkelgirl

Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/19/05 03:50 AM

Stayed at BB last time... any pros and cons for these other two which I'm considering?
Posted By: spl

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/19/05 05:58 AM

what do you like to do there/ do you prefer north or south of town? Is there a big price difference?
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/19/05 10:58 AM

do you prefer "peace and quiet"? or the hustle and bustle of town?
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/19/05 02:22 PM

Things which were outstanding at BB: moderate price, great food at El Divino, fine service from Monkey Business, cleanliness of room, security on beach at night, swimming right off the beach.

Things lacking at BB: main bed was uncomfortable (I ended up putting cushions from sofa on the floor to use), we had 3 girls and they gave us only 2 towels each day, we always had to ask for soap and TP (every day). OK so not real important, but they are basic necessitites.

So I wouldn't mind paying a little more to be assured of the basics. As far as north/south of town, I've only seen south and in town. Which is why I must return!!

Not a big party/nightclub girl. But I did enjoy the beach BBQ and Chicken Drop and just being out in the evening. Would like to hear local music more next time.

Thanks in advance for suggestions : )
Posted By: 1BKeeper

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/19/05 02:44 PM

When we stayed at Paradise Villas, I didn't notice the hustle and bustle of town unless I went out of the gates. I enjoyed seeing the everyday life in San Pedro and I liked being able to run to the store or bakery and being a part of that life. Leisurely strolls to dinner and then stopping by Manelly's for an ice cream cone made great evenings. The Paradise Villa grounds are beautiful and quite tranquil. There is no restaurant on site, so the only people are the ones staying there.
I have also stayed at the Blue Tang Inn next door and enjoyed it, too.
I've never stayed "out of town" and so far no one in our group of 10 mid-fiftyish fishermen, snorkelers, adventurers, and pool sitters has suggested that we try it.
We are counting the days 'til our return trip in February! (And hope that we will be able to afford the flight!)
Hope this helped!
Posted By: Johnboy

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/19/05 09:07 PM

As everyone on this board knows I recommend MataRocks every chance I get......If anything is lacking, you will only have to ask the staff once & it will be taken care of promptly.....We have stayed there five times & never had a problem( that wasn't corrected).....Liz & Terry (the owners) are there almost everyday & the staff is wonderful...Also The Squirrels Nest is one of the best beach bars on the island ... Go & enjoy...Hope you have a wonderful time where ever you stay. laugh wink :p
Posted By: Fluffy

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/19/05 10:06 PM

Try Exotic Caye Beach resort at Not sure what your price range is but I highly recommend them.
Posted By: crockhunter

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/20/05 12:45 PM

Paradise Villas has a larger pool and garden area, no bar but a short walk to Wet Willies or Cholo's the other direction. Mata Rocks does have the Squirel's nest which is another neat bar. In town is not really noisy, but the beaches are a little buisier with pedestrian traffic. I would consider Mata rocks a little better run buy the staff and owners, but we had no problems with service at Paradise Villas. More boats and boat traffic downtown but I found that G & M Diveshop Pier just to the south of PV has a deep spot on the north side which made it great for swimming( I prefer the ocean to swimming pools).
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/22/05 09:27 PM

Thanks everyone for well thought-out sugestions!

And crockhunter, I know what you last stay I never got in the pool at all. Just love salt water : )
Posted By: john robertsdenver

Re: Mata Rocks or Paradise Villas - 08/22/05 09:51 PM

Snorkelgirl, I have stayed at both banana beach and mata rocks and enjoyed them both. you must have gotten a bad bed for ours was soooper. in any event i would go for mata rocks for then you have the best of both the beach at B.B. and the cosy squirels nest bar and pool and a great place to stay...go for the junior suites and you will be happy. aske for the largest one they have i think it is the ground floor poolside ....john in denver then you can eat at B.B. too!!
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