Last-minute questions

Posted By: Gordon Schumway

Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 04:43 PM

Leaving for AC on Sunday--can't believe it's already here! Last-minute silly questions from a 1st time AC-er:
--do I need to bring an adapter to charge my trusty iPod?
--What's the story on having the service stock your frig vs doing it on your own? Is it really that great a value? Not sure how much more $ it is.
--Can I bring liquor in? If so, is there a limit? I was just on the west coast and scored some really great Washington wine & I thought I might bring a bottle or 2.
--I have all the requisite vacation stuff--sunscreen, camera, insect repellant, People magazines, etc. Is there anything you'd recommend that I've probably forgotten about?
--What do you know now that you wish you knew then about AC? (aside from it's Paradise and you're ready relocate permanently!)
Posted By: kris48

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 06:03 PM

1. Same power as US. Surge protector is good to have.
2. Lagnaippe is great! Especially for those cases of Belikin, water, coke, etc. Would not want to cart the heavy stuff from the grocery. Good fruit, cheese, eggs, etc. Slight charge is worth forgetting the hassle.
3. binoculars, zip-lock bags, a candle, thermal mugs are all nice to have
4. Take half the clothes out of your suitcase! Take twice as much money as you had planned.
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 06:26 PM

Good advice on item #4 !!!
There's plenty to drink on the Island, can't imagine
having to bring any along!!
Posted By: GBZ39

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 07:14 PM

Agree bring more $$$. US Credit Card Companies are really hitting international charges with foreign exchange fees.

There are ATMs. Don't know what your bank charges for international withdrawls.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 07:38 PM

Mosquito coils are good - don't know if they're available here. They're BAD right now.

If your iPod/computer etc has a separate mains unit that converts mains power to DC then you don't need a separate surge protector. Otherwise it'd be wise to use one.
Posted By: streetchie

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 09:57 PM

Be aware that local thieves love iPods. I've known 2 people to get them taken in San Pedro. One out of a room, the other off their person in daylight hours. Be careful!
Posted By: knowell

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 10:01 PM

We were there last week had no problem charging the ipod with it's charger. Bring bug spray and lots of it (you can always leave the left over with someone you meet or at a bar). We left a couple of cans at BCs. Last month we got coils at the little store across from Banana Beach. Didn't by any this time though.
Posted By: mountain Larry

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 10:21 PM

I think a flashlight is a good thing to have, there have been times when the power has gone out. I like to take the water proof kind down to the beach and scope out the fish at night.
Posted By: Gela

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 11:22 PM

Yes, a flash light with extra batteries. It definitely comes in handy when you walk back to your hotel from the beach in the evening. laugh
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/01/05 11:37 PM

This time of year ... a battery-powered (or hand cranked or solar) radio so you can get weather and news, just in case.

The ITMB map of Belize, although you can usually get one in San Pedro.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: Dizi-B

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/02/05 01:29 AM

What about American Express Traveler's checks, are they easy to use?? Does everyone accept them?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/02/05 01:35 AM

American Express are a disaster for retailers. We used to accept them, until we found they imposed incredibly high charges (>10%) and kept us waiting 6 weeks for (what was left of) our money.

If you must use credit cards, bring Visa and Master. But US cash is preferred, followed by US travelers checks.
Posted By: Dizi-B

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/02/05 01:49 AM

Is there a difference in American Express Travelers Checks and US travelers checks?
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/02/05 01:59 AM

No. Seems that pedro2 has confused Amex Travelers Cheques with American Express Credit Cards which indeed do have the problems he mentions. The TCs are OK...
Posted By: Dizi-B

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/02/05 03:05 AM

Thanks Jesse for clearing that up.
Thanks to you too Pedro2 for all your info........see ya'll Saturday!!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/02/05 04:09 AM

Phew, thanks Jesse. That's a relief. I always carry American Express TC's.
Posted By: Dizi-B

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/02/05 04:32 AM

One more question??????
If I bring my laptop, is it going to be safe left in the hotel room???
Posted By: Littleengine

Re: Last-minute questions - 09/02/05 01:48 PM

General question about leaving things in rooms... on AC I'm sure it's not so much a problem, larger hotels would even have a safe, I'm assuming. But, when travelling inland (San Ignacio) and into Guatemala (Tikal and Flores) what's the recommended practice... I'm hesitant to leave cameras, passport, plane ticket (sadly, no e-ticket for me this trip), money, etc... in the rooms there, but I'm also hesitant to carry everything with me everywhere I go. Any recommendations?
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