Contacting Capricorn

Posted By: bennyboy96

Contacting Capricorn - 09/07/05 04:43 PM

Where looking to have our wedding reception at Capricorn restaurant in April and have been trying to contact them. We've called a few times and either no answer or busy signal, and we've emailed 3-4 times. Does anyone know the best way to reach them to inquire about this?
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Contacting Capricorn - 09/07/05 05:15 PM

They're on vacation. You should be able to reach somebody at 501.226.2809

However, if you don't talk to somebody that can help, just have a little patience and wait for the boss to get back in. Not sure how long they are closed.
Posted By: Magnum Belize

Re: Contacting Capricorn - 09/07/05 06:28 PM

My last update is that the resort is closed Sept & Oct
Posted By: tazzer

Re: Contacting Capricorn - 09/14/05 03:07 PM

They are terrible at responding. I first contacted them in late May about having a wedding reception there. Got a nice long detailed email back & thought this is great, they are really on the ball...however I've not got even 1 response since!!!!!
Posted By: bennyboy96

Re: Contacting Capricorn - 09/14/05 04:27 PM

tazzer, have you had your wedding yet or is it still to come? are you doing it at capricorn, somehwere else, or undecided?
Posted By: tazzer

Re: Contacting Capricorn - 09/14/05 08:12 PM

Still to come so I haven't given up on Capricorn yet as from the reviews & photos looks like an ideal spot & guaranteed good food.
Seems like some places on Ambergris are v good at responding & others are terrible. After months of going back & forth with Banyan Bay re. accomodation with v little result (other than feeling we were getting fleeced!) with went with Banana Beach & they've been excellent & v good with communication. I heard the owner from Capricorn is back from vacation so I wouldn't give up on them yet.
Posted By: LBI Jerseyboy

Re: Contacting Capricorn - 09/17/05 11:25 PM

Having stayed at Capricorn, I can say the setting is very appealing to the eyes; however, planning something as important as a reception, you might want to consider other properties as well. Do you plan on staying there? If you do there are a few things you should be aware of regarding this resort. Please feel free to contact me directly via email.
Posted By: LBI Jerseyboy

Re: Contacting Capricorn - 09/17/05 11:43 PM

Go to trip Advisor as well and look up the reviews of other guests, I hate to say it but We experienced the same issues.
Posted By: itsjustme

Re: Contacting Capricorn - 11/02/05 12:44 AM

Hi all,

We had our rehearsal dinner at Capricorn. Regan and Merrit were amazing and we couldn't have imagined having it any where else. Best memories. If you want to discuss it in greater detail, PM me and I'll catch you up.
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