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Posted By: JoeBon

October / currency - 09/26/05 07:49 PM


We are headed to Xanadu on October 17 until October 25. Any other Canadians there at the same time?

What about currency? Should i get travellers cheques? Do the ATM machines work? I guess US dollars is the way to go?

Any help would be appreciated.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: October / currency - 09/26/05 10:51 PM

US travelers cheques and/or US cash would be best. I see the Loonie's at .85 so that should help you out. The ATM does work but it's not totally reliable. The US dollar equals 2 Belize dollars.

There's plenty of Canadians living here if none are on the way down. Try dropping by Crazy Canucks which is about a 10 minute walk north of Xanadu or BC's for Sunday BBQ which is about 20 minutes walk north.
Posted By: Valentine

Re: October / currency - 09/27/05 02:11 AM

OH good, I was just about to post a similar questions!
Lonely Planet guide notes that the ATM's don't take international bank cards (as of 2003), is that still right? I can't figure out how we'll access our bank acct's if I can't use my bank card, daft as that may be.
When you say not reliable do you mean eat my card not reliable, or might not work now and then?
Any feedback on what brand of traveller's cheques to bring, AMex OK, or should we bring another kind?
(another Canadian who will be on AC Oct 11-18)
Posted By: SimonB

Re: October / currency - 09/27/05 02:32 AM

I've had no problem with AMEX travelers cheques here.

Lonely Planet is now WAY out of date if the last issue was 2003, there have been many changes since then. From my observations at the bank the main problem with the ATM is that it is out of cash or not working or ate someone's card. Card eating isn't a problem as it's serviced right on site. It's still best to bring funds with you than count on technology.


Simon (an ex-Canadian who will always be here)
Posted By: Valentine

Re: October / currency - 09/27/05 03:10 AM

Thanks! I thought it might be a bit out of date.
We'll use bank card as back-up only and bring traveller's cheques:)
Posted By: Gordon Schumway

Re: October / currency - 09/27/05 04:25 PM

I used my US ATM card last month no problem.
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