Can someone help?

Posted By: Anonymous

Can someone help? - 09/26/05 11:31 PM

WE NEED HELP.....Looking for a real nice place to hold my wedding?About 40 people,for the week of June 10 2006....Thanks
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Can someone help? - 09/26/05 11:42 PM

The following, in no particular order, have 20 or more rooms and could deal with a wedding that size:

El Pescador Lodge and Villas
Victoria House
Belize Yacht Club
The Villas at Banyan Bay
Sunbreeze Hotel
Captain Morgan's Retreat
Belizean Shores
Ramon's Village
Posted By: Djean

Re: Can someone help? - 09/27/05 02:42 AM

another place is Aqua Marina Suites.
Posted By: scubabob

Re: Can someone help? - 09/27/05 03:28 AM

Try splitting it up. You should also state a price range. The above has a vast range in prices.

Sun Breeze is a middle of the road price range and is large enough to tuck away early sleepers away from teh action and let the party people have the front (nicest view) noisy rooms. I've not stayed there but I have enjoyed a beer on top of their nice 2 story deck. Very convenient to town. Place looks nice.

Captain Morgan's requires water taxi's to town,

Ramon's has separate hut styled buildings so you could tuck away the ealy crown in the back and it's very nice (never stayed there either). You'll need a current review of the beach conditions as from year to year it can grow or be completely gone.

Voctoria House: go for it $$ everything is very nice. I've not seen it without great sand (it's been 4 years so ask). It's a way from town.

Have fun and take off your shoes when you enter Estel's so you don't mess up the floor.

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