Serious "Cuisining"

Posted By: Anonymous

Serious "Cuisining" - 09/30/05 03:39 PM

cool OK I know this topic has been sliced,diced and refried but if we have 12 nights and can get to 10 eateries how is this list and is the order OK?
Blue Water Grill
Casa Picasso
El Divino
Victoria House
Jamb'Jerk Pit
Papi's Diner
Should be worth at least an extra 10 pounds on the scale!
Posted By: sandb

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 09/30/05 04:08 PM

Order in terms of sequence or rating?
I take it you would prefer not to go north?
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Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 09/30/05 04:15 PM

Would prefer not to go north. any on list should be skipped..any you can add?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 09/30/05 05:01 PM

too much planning.....relax ya be on vaca mon! laugh
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Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 09/30/05 08:13 PM

smile smile laugh OK!
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Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/03/05 03:14 PM

C'mon locals give me your top 5!!! Please! laugh
Posted By: RobertE

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/03/05 09:09 PM

Just my opinion but I would skip Elvi's, Blue Water and El Divino. Good food but a tad overpriced for similar food that you can get at home.

I would put BC's BBQ, the street vendors, The Lions Club BBQ and a beach BBQ with a local guide on the list if you want a memorable meal with local flair. The cost is a good value and the memories and good times priceless. The rest are up there on my list. Also, don't be shy to buy snacks from people with stands set up on the streets and others walking around town selling things. For a true adventure wander the back streets of town and if looks like a restaurant, check it out.
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/03/05 09:22 PM

Ditto to Robert's opinion.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/03/05 09:42 PM

Blue Water Grill
El Divino
Jerk Pit
Holiday Hotel
Tackle Box
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/03/05 09:50 PM

Rykat, no need to relax, you are just listing what you are excited about/looking forward to here! Why 10 lbs to the scale? I used to loose weight eating at those places on vacation and with the amount of walking and swimming on vacation. Good restraunts, especially carambas, papis and blue water. Have you tried The Reef? And several of the smaller local restraunts? Terrific too.
Posted By: kris48

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/04/05 12:39 AM

Ke--agree with you about not gaining weight! Actually, the ceviche for dinner soundsw great--but would prefer a small salad with it. Any suggestions? Have been on special diet for almost 2 years--hubby had health problems. We gained nothing in San Pedro in June, and don't expect to this time. Walk, walk some more, eat right, and no weight gain! Only problem is those Belikins! Oh, well, we'll be at Exotic Caye Oct. 6-14--stop by and say "hi". Kris and Bill
Posted By: PianoPerson

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/04/05 04:03 PM

No shirt, no shoes, no Beliken, no problem.

BUT, Key Lime pie? Big problem.
Posted By: Chris

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/04/05 04:06 PM

Tastes of Thailand. Fantastic eating.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/04/05 04:26 PM

Thankyou all for the input looks like some lunches may have to be added to the venue.Thanks cool
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/04/05 04:34 PM

PP who has the best key lime pie? (had key lime pie inBarbados last year 1 inch layer of sweetened, beaten egg whites under 2" layer of whipped cream.........OH my God! almost better than..
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/05/05 02:44 AM

There are places all over....I agree, relax and when you see something that looks good, go for it.
If you try to try them all you will be wasting time searching for the specified places to eat.

You'll come back and list your favorites too smile
RobertE has some good advice.

Enjoy and have some fun between trying to find a place to eat laugh
Posted By: Hunter45

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/05/05 06:18 AM

We liked Papi's Diner and Pauly's pizza. They even have lobster at Papi's and make a great breakfast..
Posted By: IRM

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/05/05 02:55 PM

Jade Gaden
Taste of Thailand

Skip El Divino.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/05/05 03:30 PM

No one seems to have mentioned Hamiltons so I'll put in my 2 cents.

Hey IRM, is that Jade Gaden the Boston franchise I heard about?
Posted By: mobunny

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/05/05 04:04 PM

Simon LOL. mobunny
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/05/05 04:34 PM

El Divino's chocolate mousse cake... ahhhhh
Posted By: hil71

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/06/05 02:09 AM

I say you cant miss The Reef and Estels (for Breakfast and Lunch) - great Burittos and fab view) SP really does have great food - dont think i've ever had a bad meal down there! Enjoy!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/10/05 02:42 PM

cool Thanks hil71 will add Reef to list
Simon where is Hamiltons? can't seem to find it listed anywhere.
Posted By: Sandbender

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/10/05 05:13 PM

you'll miss much of the best not going north. Portofino's shrimp; Rendezvous' desserts, Capricorn's everything... no wait! Everything at all 3. And I guess Hamilton's would be considered north (about 1/4 m north of the bridge i mean ferry) and Sweet Basil, and Ebbe's new restaurant at Sundiver... Getting hungy, gotta go north! :p
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/10/05 07:08 PM

Sweet Basil is closed and for sale (but still signed), Hamilton's is just south of it on the beach side. Best steak I've had on the island, great service and great deserts.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/10/05 08:55 PM

Thanks Simon!
Posted By: h20lover

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/13/05 08:01 PM

Which local guide would you recommend for a Beach BBQ?
Posted By: govikes

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/13/05 08:22 PM

h20lover, go out with Tulu for a snorkel/fish/beach BBQ. He's one of the BEST guides on the island and it will be a day you (and your taste buds) will never forget!
Posted By: h20lover

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/13/05 08:49 PM

Thanks govikes....90 days to go!
Posted By: MALIBU

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/13/05 09:51 PM

Funny -- I lost weight while on AC as well. I think that means while at home we are couch pot's!!!!!!
On your list I've eaten well at:
Caliente, Papi's.
Try breakfast one day at Ramons, a bit $ but worth it, and have the fry jacks.
Posted By: h20lover

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/13/05 10:12 PM

I have seen the Palapa Bar mention on a couple of posts..would it just be a place for afternoon drinking?
Posted By: travelqueen

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/16/05 03:06 PM

h20lover, if you're staying north or plan to be north, yes, otherwise, BC's and Crazy Canucks are good, closer in town.

Blue Water is goooooooood! Try their "Horny Monkey" drink -yum! However, if you drink too many, you could end up in the pool with all your clothes on, swimming with other tourists... wait, have I done that?! wink
Posted By: h20lover

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/16/05 04:49 PM

Thanks travelqueen...I think I may have done that also. We are staying at Mata Rock, but walking (maybe not so straight) a mile or two is no big thing for us. Last trip I never left town as we stayed at the I am planning on going North this trip.
Posted By: apache1048

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/19/05 02:13 PM

Hi, we found a great place and it may have been Hamiltons but my memory is clouded by a stop at the bar by the ferry (The hammock bar?). Very friendly place. Anyway, on the way to Captain Morgans on the main freeway, it was on the right (just past the 3rd Iguana). It looked like a house but upstairs was this resturaunt which was great. Really enjoyed it and am looking forward to another visit very soon. I am sure someone can confirm if this was Hamiltons or if I just dreamed it.
Posted By: apache1048

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/19/05 02:20 PM

Oh, I found a photo of the view from the resturaunt I mentioned - with other Belize pics at
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 10/19/05 02:44 PM

Sounds like it but can't tell from the picture.
Posted By: aremgonz

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 11/06/05 09:59 PM

h20lover, go out with Tulu for a snorkel/fish/beach BBQ. He's one of the BEST guides on the island and it will be a day you (and your taste buds) will never forget!
Govikes, how do find Tulu, where is he located. This sounds fantastic. Will be there in December would like to set something up.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 11/06/05 10:27 PM

lol. swimming with your clothes on is ALWAYS FUN at Blue Water.

Blue water is NOT overpriced for several things...their pizzas are $13 us and HUGE, for 3 people. excellent Pesto Chicken PIzza and awesome snook, very fair price.

I would recommend taking Victoria house out of your list (from my experience and tourists who have commented) and going to REEF rest. El Divinos is overpriced for food similar to what you can get at home.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Serious "Cuisining" - 11/09/05 12:57 AM

Just wanted to comment on this thread, just ate at Blue Water tonight.

Tried the spicy mussels, they were excellent! 10 mussels, very filling with yummy carrot stuff on side for $14 BZ and I am very full from it, great deal, great meal.
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