Paved Road??

Posted By: MikaGayle

Paved Road?? - 10/03/05 05:02 PM

I am renting a car to drive from Belize City to Tikal. Is the road to Tikal paved? I ask because if it is then I can use the insurance provided by my credit card. However, if it is not then I have to put down a huge security deposit. What are the chances of my driving on a non paved road??
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Paved Road?? - 10/03/05 05:29 PM

Most unlikely that insurance on a credit card will be sufficient. In any case, the rental company almost certainly won't allow their car out of the country. The road from Belize City to the border is paved, but for quite a few miles beyond it is not.
Posted By: MikaGayle

Re: Paved Road?? - 10/03/05 05:49 PM

The rental company I am going through does allow the car out of Belize. So I guess the best bet would be to put the security deposit down?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Paved Road?? - 10/03/05 10:30 PM

why not check with your CC company & see what the coverages are?
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Paved Road?? - 10/03/05 10:47 PM

Don't do it. Rental cars won't let you take the car across. Dangerous stretch of road - bandits and potholes - lousy combo.
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