Last Minute Questions...

Posted By: Littleengine

Last Minute Questions... - 10/07/05 01:48 PM

Ok... only 1 more sleep to go and unofficial packing panic has set in. It seems I've got more "stuff" than clothes... enough lotions, potions, drugs etc to stock a pharmacy, etc... Could use a little last minute advice on some of the things I've packed (or, haven't packed).

Once I leave AC, I'm spending 1 day in Tikal, 1 in Flores, and 3 in San Ignacio. This seems to require a completely different wardrobe than my time on the beach. I've only packed 1 pair of sneakers, 1 long sleeved shirt and one pair of long pants for this half of my stay. Can I get away with at least some t-shirts and capri pants to round things out or do I need more "interior wear"?

Also, for consideration of rainy days/nights or just cool nights in general, do I really need a jacket? I don't have a light waterproof one and so far have only packed a light cardigan sweater, an umbrella and light plastic rain poncho to take care of any "off" weather.

Matches... I'm bringing citronella candles for... well, it sounds like they'll be useful just about everywhere on my trip. I've checked US Airways website about prohibited items and know that I can't take matches in my carry on bags, but does anyone know if they're allowed in checked luggage? Or, is it just plain easier to get them there?

I'm sure more last minute questions will pop up through the day but just wanted to get some ideas about this stuff before I started repacking. Again. smile
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/07/05 02:30 PM

Throw away the matches, the candles, the sweater, the umbrella. Bring allergy meds, Tylenol, Imodium and throw away the rest. Throw away any dressy or formal clothes.

What you forget you can buy here.

Relax, get on the plane and take a deep breath when you arrive and try to figure out what it was that you were all worried about the day before.
Posted By: CarribeanSunSeeker

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/07/05 08:57 PM

I think Simon has given you great advice. It may be obvious, but you need to add "Off", sun tan lotion and some Aloe or whatever you use if you stay in the sun too long. That and whatever "lotions, potions, drugs etc." you really need to make it through each day at home and you will be fine, Have a great time.
Posted By: COZMO

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/07/05 10:37 PM

Posted By: seashell

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/08/05 12:29 AM

I wouldn't get rid of the light sweater. That can be pretty useful on the plane and the very rare chance that you will want a light coverup on an evening by the water.

The only time I've ever needed a jacket was during a few northers in December and January.

As for lotions and potions, suntan lotion, bug spray, a little bit of calamine lotion, a little bit of sunburn cream, and some cortizone, if ya got it. All that said, you can buy sunburn potions and corizone lotions, if you find you need them later. Definitely bring along some Benadryl.

Bring sandals that you don't care if they get wet and muddy.

You don't need any interior wear, that I could imagine. Bring capris and t's, if you want.

You can take matches in your checked bags but not lighters.

Bring at least two bathingsuits and as much underwear (especially bras) as you can stuff in your luggage. And boys, close your eyes now, I'm going to advise littleng to bring pantyliners too.

I'm not saying you are going to need these things, but I always have them in my luggage: immodium, peptobismal tablets, extra-strength acetominophen, gravol

There's a few other handy things too, but you don't have time to go and get them. Next time. smile

Don't worry, you are going to have a blast and there isn't anything you are really going to miss, as long as you have your toothbrush, deodorant, bathingsuits, a couple of pairs of sandals, a sarong, a pair of shorts, 2 tank tops and something to pull up your hair if it is long. Carry those things in your carryon. Everything in your checked luggage should be expendable. smile
Posted By: seashell

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/08/05 12:31 AM

By the way, do you have a little flashlight that will clip on or fit onto your purse? That can come in handy.
Posted By: Littleengine

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/08/05 02:34 AM

Thanks, guys. The lotions, potions and things I was referring to actually includes all that stuff... bug spray, sun screen, after sun lotion/aloe, advil/Tylenol, after bite, stuff for upset tummy, stuff for upset... well, y'know, small first add kit with antibiotic cream, bandaids, etc... When you put it all together, though, it can really add up. Some of the things I packed I'm sure I could have done without, but thought it would be nice to have my own snorkel and mask, for example, instead of having to rent each time I wanted to do something on my own. A lot of the other stuff I've got will serve me better on the second half of the trip, I think. I've got the requisite flashlight (and extra batteries cause it'll get a lot of use everywhere), small battery powered radio, travel alarm clock. I don't think there's anything else I could possibly bring that I haven't already thought of. All there's left to do now is catch a few hours sleep and catch the cab to the airport at..... groan.... 3:30am. Argh! Can't wait for tomorrow to come!!! laugh
Posted By: klcman

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/08/05 03:31 AM

leave the alarm clock at home too
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/08/05 04:38 AM

eek couldnt close my eyes in time....PANTYLINERS? laugh
Posted By: seashell

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/08/05 04:46 AM

It would be nice to leave the alarm clock at home, Klc. But I always need one to get me up for diving in the AM. As it is, I've had to replace one of them because the alarm wasn't loud enough. smile

Now I've got one that has two alarm settings and it also has the kind of ring that ramps up. It's such an annoying kind of insomnia I have. Can't sleep when I want to but might be sleeping when I need to be up. I never want to miss a dive or a tour.

And Rykat . . .yeah. . . for freshness . . . *especially* on punta dancing nights.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/08/05 05:30 PM

laugh Agreed! freshness is always important on punta dancing nights! or... for that matter on non-punta dancing nights also!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Last Minute Questions... - 10/10/05 12:20 AM

The radio won't be much use either. Better of with a walkman and some CDs/tapes.
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