Big Ol' Family Trip to AC

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Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/10/05 01:21 PM

If it weren't for this board, our first AC trip wouldn't have been nearly as fun 3 weeks ago. Now I need your help again. We had such a great time, we are planning a friends and family trip in August 2006. If it's anything like our last such adventure, we'll have 24 or so people coming. Thanks to you all, I am pretty hip on the best food, accommodations for that many people, etc (get ready for a HUGE order Simon). I'd like to know a) if there are any pitfalls I should avoid being a trip planner for that many folks and b)if there are any recommendations on how to get the best prices since I'll be dealing with volume! Thanks gang!!!

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We did this for a wedding in 2004.

a) Stay some place where there a LOT of distractions--pool, water toys, restaurant, bar etc, unless you want to have everyone scattered around at various properties. (Sometimes not a bad idea)

b) Most airlines have excursion rates available for moderately sized groups who will be traveling together on the same flights. USAIR required ten reservations and had the most competitive fare.
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Re: Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/10/05 06:12 PM

Just remember that you can't make everybody happy, so please yourself. wink
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Re: Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/10/05 09:37 PM

Give me a call. I brought 92 people in February and bringing 120 next year. 24 or so will be EASY. has all of my info. I have all of the contact info you will need to make it run smooth. rich
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Re: Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/10/05 11:27 PM

Things to do on Ambergris Caye (Island)

Walk to both ends of the island by beach and/or by road.

Get a local paper at the supermarket, check at night life and local entertainment.

Many Resorts have live bands or singers on different nights.

Mini Golf 1/4 mile from town (great for kids)

Wednesday: Mickey’s has lunch special, starting at 11:00 on burritos for $5. you get a huge burrito, either chicken, beef or combination. Don’t be late, they’ve been known to run out.

World’s Famous Chicken Drop at 4:30 Pier Lounge on Front Street
Also, BBQ Beach Party at Celi’s next to Holiday Hotel

Local Night Clubs:

Big Daddy’s
Barefoot Iguana
Jaquars Temple

Casino: Palace Casino (NOT like Vegas)

Rent a golf cart, go to north side of island over the cut. Take the man pulled barge. There is a charge of $5 ( I think). Have lunch at “Sweet Basil”. Get back before dark. I think thry built a bridge this summer.

Rent golf cart and drive to the south end of the island and to the lagoon. Just avoid anyone offering to sell you anything illegal.

Take a water taxi to Captain Morgan’s or Capricorn for a romantic dinner. Call for reservations and they will send water taxi to BYC pier.


Ask locals where to see the 8-10 foot Crocodile in the lake.

Walk to the back of island and see Lagoon

“Pizano “: Old man about town, who came to San Pedro as a millionaire and loss everything on drugs. Now he roams the beach selling Conch Shells.

Cemetery, like no other Cemetery you’ve ever seen.

Rubbermaid/ Tupperware man

Two man operated Barge at the cut.(I think there's a bridge now)

Talking parrots across the street from Belize Yact Club


Shark Alley, Hol Chan Park, Mexico Rocks with lunch stops at either Caye Caulker (fishing village smaller than Ambergris Caye or Goff Caye (deserted island).


You could go out on the Reef Runner, the glass bottom boat

Ancient Mayan Ruins “Altun Ha” with a stop at Maruba Jungle Spa for lunch and a dip in the pool to cool off.


Try to EAT Caribbean or Belizean food. You’re not in Kansas anymore.

Try the conch ceveche (salsa), red snapper, coconut shrimp, & of course the lobster.


La Popular Bakery on Buccaneer St. (side street near Southwinds Realtor)

Fong Lu?????? Chinese Take out on Buccaneer St across from bakery. ½ Fried Chicken with fries for $5.00 BZ Also Chinese for about $7.50 (enough for 2)

Mickey’s on Middle St. Wedn. lunch burrito special for $5.

George’s Kitchen across from Woody’s (Great Breakfasts) George is the chef, his wife, Maria is the waitress.

Reef Restaurant on Middle St.

Medium to High end:

Celi’s, Elvi's,Jade Garden
Fido's, Cocina Caramba Victoria House
Wet Willie’s Bar & Grill, El Patio (Black Coral St??) Ramon’s

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Re: Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/11/05 03:06 PM

reaper, what are the rates going to be for jumps this year? We want to start saving our pennies.
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Re: Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/11/05 08:13 PM

SimonB, It is dependant on fuel costs for the jump plane. I'm thinking about $225usd for a tandem and $100usd for video and stills. This is what most US drop zones are charging. We are bringing some fantastic video equipment to enable large digital photos of jumps to be done same day. I'm also bringing more help and tandem rigs. You guys about wrecked my staff last year jumping so much!! Who knew AC would be skydive crazy!!! Everyone can't wait to get back to Belize and jump! cool
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Re: Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/11/05 09:02 PM

reaper -- once I have all the names and dates I might just give you a ring. I appreciate the offer.
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Re: Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/11/05 10:16 PM

Perfect, if we start tomorrow we need to save $5.28BZ per day to get us ready to jump by Feb. 11. I have 2 for sures, 1 probably and 2 possibles so far.
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Re: Big Ol' Family Trip to AC - 10/11/05 10:52 PM

Otteralum...don't wait until the last minute. Call me anytime. Simon...I may have some biz for you that 10 days also, I'll let you know. cool
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