Posted By: Henry Flo

uprising? - 10/13/05 08:40 PM

Hey guys - we're coming to Ambergris Caye for our honeymoon in January. My fiancee read a couple of things about some type of civil unrest in Belize, and now she's worried about us coming there. Can someone give me the real scoop?


Henry Flo
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: uprising? - 10/14/05 03:16 PM

Your fiance is perhaps confusing Nicaragua with Belize?
Belize's normal state is chaos, and the politicians tend to be thieves - kind of like most democracatic countries these days.
No "uprising" - come for a nice honeymoon.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: uprising? - 10/14/05 03:39 PM

Just the usual protesting against tax hikes, utility bills etc. Everything seems much bigger here because we have such a tiny population. The types of "unrest" we have here is probably a walk in the park in LA any given weekend.

Don't worry, book your hotel and come on down.
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