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Paradise Villas - 10/23/05 03:54 AM

We are deciding about staying at PV for our next trip. It seems to have what we need at reasonable rates. Being near town, is it noisy at night?

We stayed south last time. Usually after a full day in the water we retire fairly early. We might like to go hear some music at night but are not big partyers.

Would PV be a good choice?
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/23/05 05:24 AM

Our group of 10 (all in our young 50s)rented 5 units at Nellie Gomez's Paradise Villas last February. The only complaint anyone had was that we couldn't stay longer. In order to hear the music at Wet Willy's, we had to go out onto the PV pier. There was construction going on beside us and we never heard that either. The pool was nice, the grounds were clean and very pretty, and though the office staff was not on the site, they came within minutes of a phone call. We had everything that we needed and wanted. Go ahead and book your rooms at Paradise Villas! Ask for a direct booking discount, too.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/23/05 04:02 PM

pv does not have phones in their rooms, how did you call them?
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/23/05 04:49 PM

The other Paradise Villas option is to rent with Tradewinds Paradise Villas. They have onsite staff (E-Man, you rock!) for booking tours and dealing with problems.

The contact info for TPV is in the Lodging portion on this site or google them. The prices are comparable to the units Nellie mangages.

That said, Paradise Villas has a great location. There's lots of construction going on next door (Pheonix?) so be sure to get a spot away from that noise.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/23/05 10:54 PM

Hmmm, no phones at all and no onsite staff?

Is this the same place (Nellie Gomez) as "Cap'n Ron's"?
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/24/05 01:29 AM

There was a phone in our unit. (#17)
Initially I was concerned that the office was not on site, but it really wasn't a problem. Our toaster didn't work and Ernesto brought a new one right away. Our toilet was a bit sluggish one day and Mark came right away to fix it. Myra came every morning to clean. The groundskeeper was always working and there was a night watchman. I felt like everyone there was trying to make my stay a perfect one! Ernesto,Fatima and Nellie were around frequently and they also replied to my numerous emails before the trip.
We were very happy there.
Tradewinds, Cap'n Ron's and Nellie's manage different units at Paradise Villas.
(The only other place we have stayed is The Blue Tang Inn right next door. We loved #15 there. They have an onsite office with a great staff, too.)
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/24/05 02:17 AM

Most tourists rent digital cell phones and buy phone cards to use while they are there.

IBKeeper is right about the various owners. Tradewinds (Bill Toonin) has 6 or 8 units, Capt. Ron has two and the ones managed by Nellie are all owned by different people. That said, understand that each unit is furnished differently and some are more modernized than others.
There are eight beach front units, Bill has two, Ron has two and I think Nellie manages the other four.
The first time I stayed there I stayed in one of Nellieís beach front units in off season. It was wonderful. Funny thing is we were evacuated for hurricane Mitch. The next year we came in high season and stayed at a pool side unit and it was fine.
I have been in Capt. Ronís beach front unit and it is beautiful.
One of the nicest things about Paradise Villas and the Blue Tang is that they are right at the end of Hustlers Dock and very convenient for diving.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/24/05 02:23 AM

I recommend Blue Tang over Paradise Villas, though everyone has their own preferences. The location is the same, they right next door to one another. Blue tang has a nice continental breakfast each morning.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/24/05 03:40 AM

Yes, spl, the Blue Tang breakfast was a definite plus!
The third floor had a nice outdoor sitting area at Blue Tang and the seating around the small pool were great meeting areas for us.
At Paradise Villas, the porches were great meeting places for early morning coffee drinkers and before and after dinner snacks and drinks.
Being in a group and visiting with each other, it was also nice to have a living room separate from the bedroom at Paradise Villas.
As for my would be eeny meeny miny....!!
Next year we have reservations at Oasis del Caribe a little further up the beach. Any comparisons for it to PV and BT out there???
Posted By: spl

Re: Paradise Villas - 10/24/05 05:20 AM

I thought Oasis Del Caribe are for purchase only. They are yellow, right? If they are what I am thinking, I am sure they are beautiful. They look beautiful, great location. Maybe they are already all purchased and many are in the rental pool. I bet it will be even better than pv and blue tang, both of which are nice.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/24/05 05:34 PM

Our group is renting through Caye Management. While we were most happy with PV and BT, the part that got us is that the Oasis units have two bathrooms to go with their two bedrooms and they will be more economical for us. I am hoping that we will love it there like we have the other places. I really liked the charm of PV and BT. Maybe all of the places have it.
Last February it looked like they were working on a third building.
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Re: Paradise Villas - 10/24/05 06:20 PM

YES, it is the place I thought and it looks beautiful.
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