Scuba Certifications?

Posted By: Kristykins

Scuba Certifications? - 10/24/05 11:30 PM

is it possible to get Scuba Certified in Belize?
Posted By: BobW

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/24/05 11:59 PM

There are lots of opportunities to get your PADI certification in San Pedro. I'd suggest that you do the course work and pool tests before you head down so that you can concentrate on having a good time.

I'm heading there next week and will be doing my open water cert dives while in San Pedro.
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 12:16 AM

hmmmm. Okay I will have to look into getting the basics out of the way here first then. Thank you!!
Posted By: aremgonz

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 12:22 AM

kk, don't worry about it, if you don't mind spending a little time with studying and only if you have the time you can do it all while you are there. When we got certified we did it all within the week and still had plenty of time to enjoy.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 12:24 AM

you can do it all there or book work in the states and dives with them.
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 12:28 AM

aremgonz - thank you! Yes, we'll be there for 9 days so hopefully that will be enough time? the trip is already sneaking up on me SO quickly I doubt I'd have much time to get it done before.

ke - Thank you for the link !!!
Posted By: aremgonz

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 12:36 AM

you can also try Chuck and Robbie they are very good they handled everything for us. try
Posted By: seashell

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 06:30 AM

kristykins, in another thread I saw where you guys like to do some partying. I hear ya!!

But because of that, and a few other reasons, I'm recommending that you get your classroom, book learning and pool sessions out of the way at home before you leave. Then take your Open Water testing in Belize for your certification.

Who wants to study when they are on holidays? Scuba is a safe sport when done properly but don't ever forget that the ocean can be unforgiving. You owe it to yourself to do it right.
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 06:35 AM

Seashell, thank you for the advice. That's probably not a bad idea. I'm not sure how much studying I'll be able to get in with a hangover. :p

I'm actually quite scared to scuba dive but I'm dying to try it. Perhaps I should just try snorkeling first LOL!!!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 06:48 AM

LOL, if you haven't even snorkelled first, well, heck. Why not snorkel this trip and get certified at home for your next trip.

To check out your aptitude for diving you should be able to get into a Discover Scuba in the pool at home. It's usually only about $25.

I'm telling ya, you are going on holidays to a really fun place and facing a big exam when you get home. Do you really want to be closely monitoring your alcohol consumption and what time you are getting to bed? I didn't think so. wink
Posted By: scuba_sue

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 02:32 PM

Hi there.

I had never snorkeled or dived before going to AC. My husband and I did the coursework here in Boston, then did our open water certification (4 dives) on referral at AC.

If you’re going to be in Belize, it would be a shame not to dive there! We dived with Chuck and Robbie – and they were fantastic. Actually, my first dive as a certified diver was with them, and one of my most memorable. I got to pet a nurse shark thanks to Robbie!!!

Our instructor was Jim through Amigos Del Mar (also FABULOUS.) I highly recommend both dive centers. We’ll be booking through both this year.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Scuba Certifications? - 10/25/05 07:35 PM

If you look at you'll find a list of all PADI dive centers here, not just a selected few that people mention.
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