Monkey Business

Posted By: boyce1

Monkey Business - 10/27/05 04:44 PM

I had been in contact with Monkey Business Travel regarding them booking flights from BZE to AC. I sent them the details for our group a couple of days ago but haven't heard back from them.

Does anyone know if they having any problem?

I would just book directly but since I am doing this for 5 people on two different flights I figured it would be easier to let them do it if possible.

Thanks for any info!

We are all looking forward to our first trip to Belize!!!
Posted By: 1BKeeper

Re: Monkey Business - 10/27/05 06:34 PM

We have the hotel book our flights from BZE to San Pedro (and return flights)and then we pay the hotel. They need to know your names and flight info and they will make the reservations, meet you at the SP airport and take you to your hotel. They make it very easy!
(We have always stayed in town so I'm not sure about places north of the cut.)
Posted By: klcman

Re: Monkey Business - 10/27/05 07:08 PM

That's what he's doing 1BK....(M B is SOUTH of the cut and is Banana Beach's Tour office)

They are ALWAYS quick to respond,boyce, so I'd tend to beleive there is a comm issue at the moment.
Posted By: boyce1

Re: Monkey Business - 10/27/05 07:26 PM

1BK - thanks, as KLC mentioned the resort set me up with Monkey Business

Thanks KLC. Yes they were very quick on initial contact. I will resend and see if it gets though.
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Monkey Business - 10/28/05 01:29 AM

Monkey Business has very good service for booking tours once you're there, too.
Posted By: JSailor

Re: Monkey Business - 10/28/05 03:29 AM

Just booked a flight thru them two weeks ago. I received a response in less than 2 hours. Great service.
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