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Posted By: jaybug

Where to go - 10/29/05 05:46 PM

I am visiting in January. Staying at Sundiver. What are some places I HAVE to go while there. Be it places to go, places to eat, or places to drink?
Posted By: Beachy

Re: Where to go - 10/29/05 08:21 PM

Do a search for "best restaurant," "best tours," "best bars," etc and You'll find a bounty of info...enjoy your exploring!
Posted By: Hightide

Re: Where to go - 10/30/05 01:27 AM

Pina colada at Victoria House
Conch fritters at Rico's
Chicken falafal wrap at Ali Baba's
Huevos Rancheros at Manuels
Snook at Blue Water Grill
Sushi at Blue Water Grill (yes, sushi - it's amazing)
Sunday BBQ at BC's
Fresh pineapple from any street vendor
Breakfast burrito at Estelle's
Beach BBQ (fishing in the a.m., beach bbq, snorkle in afternoon)
Margarita at Cannibals
Lady Sharon cruise to Caye Caulker
Midnight skinny dip in the ocean
Barefoot stroll on front street
Homemade banana bread sold by locals and in some markets
Meat pies from Celi's
Surf & turf at Capricorn
Panty Ripper at Rico's
Dennis Wolfe wherever he's performing
Fresh fish/shrimp/lobster straight off the boat (if you have a place to cook it)

Sheesh, I could go on and on...
Posted By: govikes

Re: Where to go - 10/30/05 02:43 AM

good list, one correction - the absolute best MEAT PIES in Belize are made by Dulcea Foreman and are available at 8:30 am every morning (except Sunday) at Coconet Internet (and she also delivers them to 3-4 other places but I don't where - all I know is if they aren't at the internet by 8:31am there's a whole bunch of people asking where's the damn meat pies - yes I'm the loudest of them). I consider myself a meat pie aficionado and these are the BEST!
Posted By: Hightide

Re: Where to go - 10/30/05 03:00 AM

Will have to try those meat pies - love them. So 8:32 is too late, huh?

Thought of more:
Egg rolls at Jade Garden
Ceviche at Caramba's
Eggs Benedict with lobster at Rico's
Bottle of wine on end of dock on clear still night
See at least one sunrise
Anything at Jambel Jerk Pit
Chicken drop at Pier Lounge
Taquitos at Manuels
Carvin' Marvin's zircote bowls
Painted coconut husk fish from Papo's
Posted By: CyaBye

Re: Where to go - 10/30/05 04:32 PM

As for me, I wouldn't eat the Chicken dropings at the Pier Lounge!
Posted By: Hightide

Re: Where to go - 10/30/05 04:46 PM

well of course not, silly - that wasn't an EAT thing it was a DO thing (no pun intended)! Wouldn't eat the sunrise either...but then again, might drink one, with tequila...hmmmmmm


Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Where to go - 10/30/05 10:09 PM

I must agree with Govikes, of all meatpies on the island the ones at Coconets Internet Cafe are the best!

Also, thanks for the advice on the seafood chowder with sourdough bread for only $8 BZ at Jerry's Crab Shack. It was huge and very filling, I loved it. I must say you and Steve have the best food recommendations.
Posted By: jaybug

Re: Where to go - 10/31/05 03:42 PM

Thank you all so much for the great tips. I plan to act on them!
Posted By: h20lover

Re: Where to go - 10/31/05 05:15 PM

We are also visting in January and want to add to the great list of things to do above and take the Zip line tour. Does anyone have any comments?
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