Beach BBQ

Posted By: jaybug

Beach BBQ - 11/02/05 07:39 PM

Can anyone tell me what the cost for the beach BBQ's are? I am interested in BC's Beach BBQ, Ramon's Village Beach BBQ, and Cannibal's beach BBQ. Is there a flat fee per place, or is it more if a you pay for what you eat type of thing.
Any and all comments are welcome!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Beach BBQ - 11/02/05 08:54 PM

Pay per dish, BC's chicken is $5US. Don't know about the other places.

I should add that for the price you get A LOT of meal (and atmosphere) at BC's.
Posted By: casa de amor

Re: Beach BBQ - 11/02/05 09:59 PM

I would also try the Holiday Hotel beach bbq, i enjoyed it last time i was there. I think its on Wensday nights.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Beach BBQ - 11/02/05 10:23 PM

Two different kinds of "beach BBQ." If you're looking for a restaurant/bar on the beach w/ bbq food then Sundays at BC's can't be beat. Great atmoshpere, even better food. If you're looking for a BBQ on the beach with fresh-caught food prepared by your guide - look up Tulu - he grills up a tasty lobster plus whatever else he catches fresh while you're out snorkling!
Posted By: Valentine

Re: Beach BBQ - 11/03/05 02:04 AM

My husband and I shared the mixed seafood BBQ at BC's a few weeks back and a side of ribs for about $20 US. It was plenty of food and yummy
Posted By: jaybug

Re: Beach BBQ - 11/03/05 03:43 PM

Thanks all so much!
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