Las Terrazas

Posted By: Szanto

Las Terrazas - 11/03/05 05:15 PM

Has anyone heard or Las Terrazas the new resort going up North of San Pedro
Posted By: Corona Steve

Re: Las Terrazas - 11/07/05 02:45 PM

I was wondering myself, and went to Goooogle, and it came up.
Very impressive, want to visit myself,still under construction, as the layout is well thought out, and architecture is great.
From what I hear, it is close to, if not next to Azul Resort.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Las Terrazas - 11/07/05 02:54 PM

Journey's End group is developing Las Terrazas. Just south of Rendevous Restaurant.

Nothing there yet but a billboard.

Gorgeous property, ambitious development plan.

They recently opened an office in town.

Should be spectacular when the project is complete.
Posted By: Corona Steve

Re: Las Terrazas - 11/07/05 07:22 PM

Could you tell me where Rendevous Rest is, and attached to what resort. Is it close to Azul
north or south of Azul.
Just wondering, for my info.
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Las Terrazas - 11/07/05 07:57 PM

What do condo's average out there? Say for a 2 bedroom, 1 bath type thing?
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Las Terrazas - 11/07/05 08:34 PM

Rendezvous is next door to Journeys End Resort. A few miles south of Azul.

Kristkins, PM me for sales info.

One of the sales team members just popped into my office - hired out of Florida!

The American dream I suppose. Come to our beautiful island, make a buck.....

Do I need to say that she was rude!!

Just changed my mind about whether or not to promote the project.
Posted By: Pam&Dave

Re: Las Terrazas - 11/07/05 08:51 PM

kristykins / The price range at this project runs from $239,000.00US to $995,000.00US. The real estate companies on the AC homepage (click on real estate / left-hand side of page) have property listing and pictures. It will give you an idea what property is selling for on the island.
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