WARNING, victims wanted

Posted By: snowbird6858

WARNING, victims wanted - 11/13/05 09:00 PM

There is a , new to Belize, active scam. It is addressed to people posting high priced items for sale. They are now trying to sucker in Belizians, since many other countries are aware of it. I know because they tried it on me and the only posting I have with my e-mail address included is on this site.
They will contact you for further information on your item. Then they will show an interest in it. Then, after bargining, they will decide to purchase it. Then they will ask if they can pay in US $. Then they will ask if a bank cert. check or money order is OK. Then they will explain that the check will be sent by their business partner,or some other third party and that the check will be more than the purchase amt. You are instructed to, as soon as you deposit the check, wire back the change (a few thousand) to the third party.
Ha, ha, ha - yeah, sure---BUT it must work sometimes!
Posted By: GBZ39

Re: WARNING, victims wanted - 11/13/05 09:42 PM

Real scam is when their check/wire transfer bounces. You've lost the item and you've sent them the extra money.
Posted By: Arcadia

Re: WARNING, victims wanted - 11/13/05 10:53 PM

This happened to me a couple years ago. Got a Canadian Check for $7,000 more than the asking price. Smelled a rat and called the FBI. FIBes couldn't have cared less. Intimated that they don't investigate crimes that haven't been commited yet.
Posted By: snowbird6858

Re: WARNING, victims wanted - 11/13/05 11:46 PM

Yep. Same thing here. They said it is impossible.
The crook routes himself through several states and even several countries.
I was willing to play this out to catch the SOB, even send him money to his Western union office and e-mail him that the money was there (along with a cop laugh ) But no dice.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: WARNING, victims wanted - 11/14/05 01:23 PM

It is important to note that Cashiers Checks and/or Certified Checks can be can be cancelled by the purchaser. Many people are under the mistaken impression that a cashier's check is as good as cash, but that's just not so - not until it clears.
Also easy for the scammers is making a counterfeit check.
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