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single diver - 11/15/05 01:42 AM

Coming to AC Nov. 25th with 7 non-divers. Would like to get in a dive or two but am leary about diving without my buddy. Was down last year and dove many sites but don't recall Turneffe(?) dive site. After reading through some posts, I think I'd like to see it. Where is it and what are your thoughts on diving single?? Amigo del Mar is all over this board and sound like decent outfit. Where do they operate out of? Thanks!!
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 02:03 AM

Getting conflicting info on the Pier Lounge's Chicken Drop event (one I don't want to miss this time around). Some places say 4:30, others say 7:00. Which is it??!
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 02:28 AM

will gladly be your dive buddy on some days, I dive a few mornings a week. I dive with Amigo's Del Mar. The reason they are all over this board is they are the best. Very professional, knowledgeable, and fun to dive with. They even have fresh fruit after your dives. ALSO, YOU DO NOT REALLY NEED A DIVE BUDDY WITH AMIGO'S. I used to be a solo traveler several times here and they will pair you up with someone or if it is an odd amount of people you will be lucky enough to have the divemaster as your buddy!!!

As far as the chicken drop during busy season there are usually 2 a night on Wed and sometimes Fri that is why you see 2 different times. It is usually around 6pm though. Stop by their in the afternoon of the chicken drop and verify.
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 02:28 AM

to answer your question on where they are...they are right in town, two doors down from Fido's and will pick you up/drop you off where you are staying.
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 02:30 AM

Amigos del Mar has their dock, shop and operation out front of Lilly's hotel & restaurant/Cholo's bar, near the Mayan Princess Hotel.

I've been a single diver with them innumerable times.

Turneffe is out at the Atolls. Takes close to a couple of hours to get there and again to get back. It's an all day trip with 3 dives included.

I hope you enjoy the chicken drop. I've never been much into that.
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 02:39 AM

Thanks for the info, I'll contact Amigo's when I get to AC. Ke, I may take you up on your offer to dive. I am an experienced diver, but just never had to dive solo.
Seashell, I'm not sure I'm into the chicken drop but it seems like the touristy thing to do, and how many places can you say you placed a bit on chicken s**t??
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 02:43 AM

I never have a dive buddy and they pair me up or if it is an odd amount of people I am lucky to get one of the terrific divemasters!!!


Just PM me a day in advance so I get it and I will coordinate 2 dives that week. I am flexible. If I do not get back to you ask one of the above people above and they will know who to contact to reach me. No Sat or Sun for me normally, but will consider wink hahaha.
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 01:24 PM

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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 01:32 PM

sorry, I did not know caps are yelling. I had my cap lock on, that is all so I rewrote it but left used caps on the people's names to stand out as they are important.
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 01:36 PM

smile much better, thanks! Can't stand being yelled at first thing in the morning, reminds me of my first marriage.
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 01:45 PM

good thing we are not married and that I was not "yelling" at you. wink lol.
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 02:39 PM

Ke is right about Amigos Del Mar. I first dove with the owner way back in 89, before he opened Amigos.
I have brought many groups down to dive with Amigos & sent many other divers down to dive with them. I have been down by myself several times and have gotten to know all the staff.
Going solo is no problem, just stay close to the guide because they will see most of the good stuff before you will,I try to stay 15-20 FT. behind the guide.
Turneffe is the largest of Belize's three atolls and I have dived there a couple times. My favorite is Lighthouse, Lunch at Half Moon Caye & the 2 dives there are awesome, I snorkle around the Blue Hole to have more bottom time at Half Moon.
Ke you forgot to mention my good friends Sabas & Mikey, next time you see them tell them Jerry will be down the end of Jan.
As always, dive often & dive safely.
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 05:32 PM

ohhhhhhhhhh my gosh!!!!!!!!!! SABAS IS LIKE A RELATIVE TO ME, how could I forget to put his name there! I talk to him and joke with him every day. And Mikey...of course! OHHHHHHHH and FITO, I just dove with him today, how could I not mention Fito! I musta been tired when posting!]
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Re: single diver - 11/15/05 10:09 PM

What a great offer from Ke - I have frequently ended up being a solo diver at ADM and it's never been a problem - i learned down there with ADM and been back down a few times - always ended up with a very nice buddy or one of the excellent DM's (there a real group of charecters - esp Sabas!!) - have a great time down there! Ke are you still loving it down there? I am really jealous that you made the move!!
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Re: single diver - 11/16/05 07:09 PM

Thought this was about diving without your normal buddy..... All dives here and in most warm water resorts around the world are run as group dives, and that'll be true whichever operation you go with. Buddying with someone in the group is often a good idea and in some other locations (not here) mandatory, though you don't need to be joined at the hip. It's best if you have similar diving styles and air consumption, of course. But with Amigos or elsewhere you won't NEED a buddy, and depending how experienced you are you may be more comfortable without than with someone unsuitable.
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Re: single diver - 11/16/05 07:11 PM

I got home last night from AC. Had some AMAZING dives with Amigos Del Mar. They will look out for you - and besides, diving is such a friendly sport. You're bound to meet others on the boat. You won't feel 'single' at all.

The Turneffe dive is a great trip. The coral was in much better condition then close to San Pedro. You don't see a lot of the larger life like at Ambergris, but you see some pretty amazing creatures if you take your time and look around. Plus, I just LOVE wall dives.

Have a great time Suzanne!!!! I sure did, and I'm already looking forward to my trip to AC next November.
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Re: single diver - 11/16/05 11:12 PM

You can't go wrong with Amigos, we own a condo in San Pedro and always dive with Amigos when we come down, we are coming to san Pedro on Saturday for 9 days (this will be our 5th trip with them) Never had a problem with them. Rene and Tony are great and, as Hilary mentioned Sabas is a real character. They are all good people there. We are coming back to New York on Nov 27th so we hope to see you on the boat on 26th.

Turneffe is a great trip, full day. early start about 5am and you get back about 4pm. 3 great dives. If you like wall diving you will love Turneffe.

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Re: single diver - 11/17/05 04:02 AM

Hil71, yes, still down and loving it here, everything,

Pedro2 is correct, you can dive with nearly any dive shop without a buddy as you can anywhere. You never need an even amount of people as if you really wanted a buddy near you, go near the dive master! All shops in SP have been known to be excellent.

I have dove with others and they are fine, I just strongly agree with Scubasue, swanno, Jdog, and seashell as well as many others in former posts about ADM.
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Re: single diver - 11/18/05 01:32 AM


Here is a map showing the relative location of Turneffe Area and San Pedro.
Belize it!
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Re: single diver - 11/18/05 02:46 AM

FYI, never had any interest in fishing...until today. I was probably one of the biggest pains to deal with since it was my first time since I was a kid. It was a BLAST! TINO at Amigo's did everything for all of us, all we had to do it sit there and we got bits within 2 minutes every time he threw the line out for us.

I EVEN hooked him at least 3 times, nearly hurt him on accident, and made him loose his hat in the water. VERY patient and kind to us.

After fishing he cleaned and filleted all of our snapper for us, so all we had to do is take it to the Reef restraunt where they let you choose from 10 different ways to prepare it. (I recommend the coconut sauce, blackened, and tropical, yum!)

It was the best price from everything we compared and excellent service. We had our own private boat. TINO was excellent and if he is not available I am told Ricardo is excellent as well.
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Re: single diver - 11/18/05 06:02 AM

Pedro, this topic is about single divers, however haven't you noticed many of the threads that shift topics? There are threads about a particular topic where someone changes the entire thread with important and helpful info. I know someone at work who visited AC and told me Amigo's was an excellent dive shop.
Thanks for the fishing tip, great to know as I would not have thought to go fishing and it sounds fun.
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Re: single diver - 11/18/05 09:57 PM

Thanks for everyone's input. I am an experienced diver (since 1988, have been all through the Carribean and South Pacific) but ALWAYS dove with the same buddy or at least the same dive club. Thanks everyone for putting my worries to rest. Looking forward to Friday 25TH!!!!!!!!!!
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