Palapa Bar?

Posted By: frannie

Palapa Bar? - 11/18/05 04:39 PM

Just wonderin' if the Palapa Bar still hosts Sunday afternoon jam sessions? I note in a different post that the Hammock House is closed (due to the season, I presume?).

If PB is closed as well, are there any other establishments that host a Sunday afternoon jam session or have music?

Thanks guys
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Palapa Bar? - 11/18/05 04:50 PM

Dennis Wolfe is at BC's on Sunday afternoons now.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Palapa Bar? - 11/18/05 05:52 PM

Hammock House is closed for good, for now.
Posted By: h20lover

Re: Palapa Bar? - 11/18/05 06:17 PM

Is the Palapa Bar still open?
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Palapa Bar? - 11/19/05 02:54 AM

was at Palapa Bar 2 days ago, still open and beautiful.
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