Posted By: Xoe

Pronunciation? - 12/05/05 12:20 AM

My first time in Belize is coming up in January.

I THINK I know how the locals pronounce "Ambergris Caye" -- but would like to be REALLY SURE.

Would you be good enough to spell it out for me phonetically, or use dictionary markings, including the accented syllable in Ambergris, so it will be very clear? Thanks.

(I live in Washington state, where the locals sometimes get good chuckles from visitors' mispronunciations of places like Puyallup, Poulsbo, Enumclaw, Sedro-Woolley, Snoqualmie. I want to say Ambergris Caye right!)
Posted By: Gela

Re: Pronunciation? - 12/05/05 04:24 AM

OK, this was a question I had back in 2001 when I first visited.

I have experienced that it is pronouced:

Am BUR gris key

Accent on the second sylable

I hope that helps.
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