Posted By: Moon

Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 02:16 AM

Any chance of seeing dolphins around AC? Porpoises? Just trying to figure out how many more waterproof cameras I should buy! klcman told me where the turtles are, now I'm wondering about dolphins....? Perhaps too much to hope to see all in one trip!

Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 03:12 AM

saw 3 dolphins close to us on the boat a few days ago. Often seem them close while in the boats.
Posted By: klcman

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 03:25 AM

I've frequently seen them cruising off Mar De Tumbo in front of Banana Beach and Mata Rocks, early afternoons. Too far out to use that u/w camera unless you be one hell of a fast swimmer!

And off the back side of Caulker on several ocasions.
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 07:43 AM

the most awesome of dolphins swam up against our boat with Pany going up to Basil Jones aka Tranquility Bay Resort!! We stopped to see the show which was breathtaking!!It was so beautiful!! 2 dolphins swan and jumped for our pleasure, but Pony says that up there they are always around, kinda like dogs with good owners...
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 07:49 AM

I think that you mighr not see them diving because they are scared!!
Posted By: Coco Loco Lady

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 09:44 AM

We saw a pod of Dolfins coming back from the Lamini trip last year. Was so awesome, they stopped the boat and we sat and watched them play!
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 01:05 PM


Dolphins are common here and its not that rare to actually see them while diving my guests have dove with dolphins on many occasions and i bet if you do a poll between the dive shops you will see its a regualr occurance that divers actually see them while diving.

additionally driving in and out of town we see them on the inside of the reef quite often also.

There is nothing more exhilerating than looking a wild dolphin in the eye in there world and knowing its there choice to actually choose to interact with you on there terms and in there enviroment.

Gaz Cooper
Posted By: Razorfish

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 04:37 PM

This is kind of repeat post. I feel very fortunate to say that I saw dolphins while diving on my 50th birthday (11/08/05). Cant remember which location. The DM was George at Amigos Del Mar. First we saw dolphins from the boat inside the reef on the way to the dive site. I joked at that time that maybe we would see them while we were diving. There are actually 2 in this picture. You can bareley see the second just to the right of the close one.
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 04:44 PM

awesome shot! Good idea Gaz to a poll between dive shops to see who has seen dolphins! Thanks for that pic and story Razorfish.

Sounds like you had a great bday. Do you know George's nickname at Amigo's? Trying to figure out who that is.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 05:25 PM

Some of our divers saw dolphins underwater a few days ago. I've often seen them.
Posted By: Moon

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 05:30 PM

Thanks for that photo Razorfish -awesome! Now I assume you must be DIVING and not snorkelling to get these shots.....! I'll snorkel but not SCUBA, think I'd be claustrophobic, freak out and get the beds!!! frown
Posted By: Hon

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/06/05 05:51 PM

Cool picture!! Does anyone know if the dolphins are in the area year round or if they migrate like whales do?
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 12:39 AM

whales=april. but i think more near placencia.

moon, as far as claustrophobic it feels the opposite. there is tons of light and feels the opposite of claustrophobic.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 05:03 AM

If I recall correctly, there was quite the controversy over whether or not the video captured pictures of real Orcas or if they were the look-alikes, whose actual name escapes me at the moment.

In any event, I saw pilot whales on my first trip, and my excitement in reporting that sighting back at Fidos afterwards, caused my very first argument with Pedro1!

Those were the days. wink
Posted By: klcman

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 05:32 AM

who won? wink
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 07:10 AM

Depends on which one of us you ask. Since you are asking me, I'll say I won. After all, I said I saw pilot whales, which I did indeed see and he called me a liar.

Who do you think won?
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 07:33 AM

Slapping myself in the forehead . . .how could I forget the name of the orca look-alike whale? After all, the name is "False Orca" and here's some pictures:

Now I guess the question of the day is . . is an Orca a whale or a dolphin? wink
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 07:56 AM

yes Gaz, thanks for specifying. I was tired when I wrote that but glad you knew what I ment.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 02:52 PM

Hey SS, I had my 1st argument with P-1 the first time I met him. Subject? "What time is it"?
Posted By: seashell

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 05:29 PM

Who won?
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 05:46 PM

I love Dolphin..........tastes like Manatee!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/07/05 05:53 PM

Fries or Rice and Beans?
Posted By: Kirin

Re: Dolphins..... - 12/11/05 10:55 PM

I just got back this morning.

On Friday as a group of us were approaching San Pedro we saw a group of 4 dolphins
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