new contact info!

Posted By: Barbara K

new contact info! - 12/15/05 02:07 PM

Announcing: Barb's Belize has moved from Texas back to New York! (just in time for the nice cold winter!)

New info:
Tel. 315-673-2203
Fax 315-673-2206
Toll free still 888-321-BARB (2272)
email still
4871 Lawless Road, Marcellus NY 13108
(about 12 miles W of Syracuse)
Brrrrr..... wink
Posted By: captjeff

Re: new contact info! - 12/15/05 02:14 PM

barb,thats a cold ,very cold island....hope all is well .have a happy happy...keep warm..
Posted By: NYgal

Re: new contact info! - 12/15/05 02:19 PM

Have you looked at your thermometer today eek

Thanks for the information smile
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: new contact info! - 12/15/05 03:15 PM

I anticipate very long "business" trips to Belize during say, February!

Haven't heard a weather report that started with "below" in quite a while! But it's a trade off...cold winters for intelligent life! (I know I will catch hell from all you Texans out there, but El Paso is really the dregs of humanity...admit it!) I am happy to be back to reality. Brrrrr
Posted By: Gela

Re: new contact info! - 12/15/05 04:38 PM

Barbara, you are near where I hail from - Rochester. I do not miss those winters. I've lived in CA for 24 years now.

Posted By: john robertsdenver

Re: new contact info! - 12/15/05 10:37 PM

Hello Barb! Don't you know where Austin or San Antonio are?? Surely a much better move ;>) hope it works out for you...john in denver
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: new contact info! - 12/16/05 02:48 AM

Thanks. Austin & San Antonio are certainly the coolest towns in TX (IMO). And Big Bend Nat'l Park.
But I'm a NY'er at heart...
Posted By: indygal

Re: new contact info! - 12/16/05 03:40 AM

I'm with you, when I get out of TX, I will only come back to pack! Got to go get my San Pedro fix first. When I am good and refreshed, I'm going to pack and then rinse that damn red clay off all my shoes. I'll send my grandchildren tickets to visit me. Will miss them.
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