Wetsuit and UW Camera rental

Posted By: BelizeItPlease

Wetsuit and UW Camera rental - 01/04/06 09:43 PM

My husband and I will be in AC in February and we've got our own dive gear but would like to rent a LONG (full) wetsuit and possibly an underwater camera. I know Protech does and I know Amigos Del Mar doesn't, but any other dive shop suggestions?

Before anyone tells me I don't need a full wetsuit, believe me, I know where you're coming from but I would prefer one. I get cold, whether I'm in chilly WI wearing my semi-dry 7mil or Mexico wearing a shortie, I get COLD! Especially for days where we're doing multiple dives, I'd just rather be a little warm than a little chilly.

TIA for any help!
Posted By: Sam Scuba

Re: Wetsuit and UW Camera rental - 01/05/06 04:22 AM

We dive at Ramon's and I'm pretty sure they don't have long suits--only shorties. I agree with you that if you tend to get cold anyhow, it's better to have a full suit. I wear a full 3 mil regardless of the time of year I go and am never sorry. We did 18 dives in 6 days in Nov., and I was wishing for more than a 3 mil on some of those dives. Another thing that might help you is to wear a cap on dives if you're cold. I have a tropical one without the big hood that does the trick for night dives or the 3rd dive of the day. You may want to bite the bullet and purchase one prior to your trip. Sam
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Wetsuit and UW Camera rental - 01/05/06 05:46 AM

Amigos absolutely does have full wetsuits.
Posted By: RobertE

Re: Wetsuit and UW Camera rental - 01/05/06 04:39 PM

I would look at purchasing a full 3mm wetsuit as you will no doubt obtain a better fit and know that you and you only have took a leak in it versus countless others.

Also, one can obtain a adequate wetsuit very inexpensively now days versus the cost of renting perhaps an ill fitting, worn out and pee encrusted wetsuit. Also, most rental suits are mens. Not great if you are female as there are sex specific suits. Do a google search and see what you find. When I say inexpensive I am saying $80 to $100 bucks
Posted By: john robertsdenver

Re: Wetsuit and UW Camera rental - 01/05/06 05:31 PM

Belizeitplease, go to, I have found a lot of great deals thru them. go to a dive shop first, find what you like and what fits and then order it thru them you will save quite a bit. John in denver
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