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braids - 01/04/06 09:53 PM

I looked this up but found only older messages. Anyways, we are heading to AC in 4 weeks and have 2 girls that want to have their hair braided. Are there folks around the beaches (like in Mexico) or should we call someone...and who is recommended? Also, how about cost?
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Re: braids - 01/04/06 10:06 PM

There are a couple of ladies who do this. Helen Haylock is one (her cell number is 662-1383 or email [email protected])- she will come to you. Also Rosanna who is located on the beach next to Estelles (cell 600-9920). But I have never had it done so I can't help you with costs.
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Re: braids - 01/04/06 11:26 PM

I can't rememeber the lady's name but the g'daughter HAD to have hers done, of course and Sandra at BB's Monkey Business fixed her right up.
Posted By: Sam Scuba

Re: braids - 01/05/06 04:16 AM

On our trip in Nov. my niece had her hair braided by a woman who approached us at Caramba restaurant--maybe not the greatest way to find someone, but she did a good job and it worked out. She said her fee was $40 US but she would do it for $30. We ended up paying her $40 anyhow because she did such a nice job. I'm sure the people at the office of wherever you stay will be able to set you up with someone. There are lots of locals who offer this service. Enjoy!
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Re: braids - 01/05/06 04:22 AM

"braids"... just the topic makes me laugh. During my last visit to AC, in the early am, I was very hungover, walking down the beach (south) and some friendly ladies said to me, "braids... braids girl?" I said, without even looking at them, because my head was pounding so badly, "no, I don't know how to braid". And they all laughed hysterically at me. That's when I realized, they wanted to braid my nappy, unbrushed hair. It was really funny... you just had to be there. wink
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Re: braids - 01/06/06 09:35 AM

That kind of happened to us in Jamica, the girls that braided hair at our resort were fighting over who was going to get our business, and we decided at the pool the next morning that we would just braid each others hair. You should hsve heard the local girls fight the next day about who of them had braided our hair!! Too funny..
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Re: braids - 01/06/06 12:04 PM

Helen is great and a wonderfful lady, too! She does my extended single plett braid.
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Re: braids - 01/06/06 04:43 PM

Braids are fun. Make sure to protect the braids on top of your head and the scalp from the sun.

The sun fries blonde hair on top of the braids, to the point your hair might break off, during the unbraiding process.
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Re: braids - 01/06/06 05:26 PM

thanks much to you all ~ we'll ask around and call someone when we get there R.
(p.s. funny stories smile )
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