Need Off! in February?

Posted By: colibri2

Need Off! in February? - 01/08/06 08:50 PM

Hi, all. We're coming to AC in early February. What's the scoop on insect repellant requirements? What strength of Off! might be required?

Also, we plan on doing some snorkeling. Water temperature OK then or ?

Suggestions?? confused
Posted By: 1BKeeper

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/08/06 09:30 PM

I have been twice in February and have never even SEEN a bug.
I thought the water temperature was fine for snorkeling, and I don't like it too cool. It was over 80 degrees.
The days were very warm...upper 80s, 90s. After dark on the water it was breezy and long sleeves felt nice. Off the beach, the nights were warm in San Pedro.
It is a great time to go. (I have no other times to compare to, though.) 31 days to wait!
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/08/06 09:35 PM

Hi B : )

You just got back! Sure wish I had your AC schedule....sigh....
Posted By: marge

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/08/06 09:57 PM

I'm bring Sawyers and Cactus Juice. I was wondering about the no-see-ums. Those pesky critters that live in the sand. My husband was not affected at all on Roatan. I on the other hand was bitten alive and didn't even know it until it was too late. My legs looked like I had the chicken pox after about 5 days. I didn't feel a thing. Then I itched miserably for two weeks after we returned home. Are they common on AC>
Posted By: obtuseangler

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 01:05 AM

What 1BKEEPER said. Last February, not a single biting insect.
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 01:33 AM

No bugs last Feb. (except the Scorpion I almost stepped on) lots of skeeters & off used last July, only a few bites early Dec. Have never had a problem with the no-see-ums except on Caye Caulker. Water temp a little cool for me (very cold natured) but I survived & did snorkel. 34 more sleeps!! Woo hoo!!!
Posted By: WhiteWater

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 01:48 AM

marge, the same thing happens to me. Those bugs are here, but definitely a lot fewer of them now as opposed to the summer. I take benadryl, drink a lot of water, and use bactine, calamine, and a bandaid.
Posted By: 1BKeeper

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 02:11 AM

Snorkelgirl, I think we need Windjammer's AC schedule! The twice I have been in February also happen to be the ONLY times I have been. It did sound like I may have been more in the last post. I wish that I had!
Posted By: Danni

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 03:07 AM

What about during the month of April? How are the bugs then? confused
Posted By: Windjammer

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 03:24 AM

1BKeeper, first trip 2001, 2005 Feb., July, Dec & starting 2006 in Feb for another bd & jumpin out of da plane!!! eek

Danni have been in Feb, May, June, July, Dec but not April yet, sorry. Can only assume they will not be a problem then. Actually, they have never really been a problem (and I am a bug magnet) until this past July and they were awful!Rain & no breeze. It was hot as hell also!
Posted By: Dan & Jan

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 03:24 AM

Marge, for the most part the bugs are not a problem unless there isn't any wind. Of course if you are going to the mainland for a day trip you will want a repelant with you. My legs always get bit up by sand critters so I spray my feet and ankles with something. Just 13 more sleeps for us.
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 06:53 AM

If you plan on getting a golf cart and want to go up North, I highly recommend that you bring insect repellent with DEET, the strongest on you can get if bugs love you. Same goes for the Jungles & Mountain areas. On the beach or in a boat you don't have the same attack.Just protect yourself and you won't have to itch your whole trip home..
Posted By: jaybug

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 03:25 PM

I am staying 5 miles north of the cut the last 10 days in January. What are your bug predictions?

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 09:43 PM

JAYBUG, Don't worry TOO MUCH about the bugs up north in late january(not real bad), But do watch for the crocs. (THEY DON'T EAT MUCH THOUGH)I saw a few near my place a couple of times the last 2 weeks. Gee I wonder what happened to all the dogs that always used to visit me there? eek
Posted By: jaybug

Re: Need Off! in February? - 01/09/06 09:52 PM

OMG!!! If I see a croc I will have a heart attack! My husband on the other hand will want to wrestle with it! I am sure everything will be fine. Thanks for the bug update, I am from IL, and we do have bugs here, and they can get "bad" in the summer, but I have a feeling my bad and your bad are two different bads!
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