Fitness club? Oscars?

Posted By: Florida Gal

Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 04:28 AM

Can anyone tell me about the Fitness Club or Oscars? What are they like? What facilities do they have? Can you join by the week or month? Do either have yoga classes? or swimming pool? approximate cost?

12 more days and counting....
Posted By: deacon+

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 04:35 AM

Oscars are little gold statues. sorry, couldn't help myself
Posted By: sherlockdog

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 05:34 AM

unfortunately San Pedro does not have full gyms with a wide variety of weights, cardio, and classes.
Oscars has the most weights, yet rusty (so wear gloves or else rust on your hands), some equipment has duck tape on it, dirty, does not smell great.
San Pedro Fitness Center is above Belize Yacht Club. A/C, clean, yet less weights but enough for a weeks workout and for cardio a treadmill, stairmaster, and precor-type machine, and 2 bikes. Use of the tennis courts and pool too.

It is the only thing I can think of that this wonderful place is lacking, one day they will have a nicer gym. Although if this is just a short vacation you'll be fine and enjoy walking or running the beach I'm sure.
Posted By: Florida Gal

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 04:37 PM

I'm coming for over 2 months. Can you join either by the week or month? Are there yoga classes anywhere on the island? That's what I want the most.
Posted By: Florida Gal

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 04:46 PM

Deacon...I see you're from maybe that's why you're preoccupied with the little gold statues. (Just kidding, love California and my daughter just finished getting her masters at AFI in L.A. so maybe one of her films will get to the Oscars one day... Never know, it could happen...)
Posted By: deacon+

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 05:45 PM

Florida Gal, congrats. Hope to see one of her films someday. Movies are a hobbie of mine.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 05:59 PM

Oscar's was recently renovated, fully re-painted and exhaust fans added to keep the air flow moving to cut down on the smell. A trainer is now on staff from 6am to 8am and 5pm to 9pm. A full complement of supplements are now in stock and the full line of Tae Bo tapes are in for work outs in the back room.
Posted By: Scuba do

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 06:10 PM

Stopped by Oscar's last week,much improved--looked for you at B.C.'s last Sunday SimonB, missed you,but I did stop by SAGA to bless them in your name.Met Pedro1 and Capt. Jeff at the airport during my stay,a treat in itself to chat with them
Posted By: Red Penny

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 06:27 PM

Belize Yacht club has a gym. Its $45 (us) a week. And I think its open to any one. You might want to check with them.
Posted By: sherlockdog

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 07:37 PM

$45 us/wk! Wow. If you pay a $35 US enrollment fee it is $100 BZ/month ($50 US/month.)
Posted By: Florida Gal

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/15/06 11:07 PM

Thanks for the good info. Are yoga mats for sale there at reasonable prices or do I need to bring my own?
Posted By: Red Penny

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/16/06 11:18 PM

Good question Florida. My Hubby and I work out every day...keeps us young. I love yoga and pilates along with thr tredmil and eliptical trainer. The Yacht Club is supposed to have classes, of what type...I dont know. But, I guess I am about to find out soon.

Good luck to you, hope you find a place, I know how important a work out is...makes life even better.
Posted By: Florida Gal

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/17/06 06:24 AM

I'm staying close to the Yacht Club so I'll probably check them out also. When are you coming? Just 9 more days for me...
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/17/06 02:02 PM

Here's the pricing on Oscar's (BZ Dollars)

Daily - $7.50
Weekly - $17.50
Bi-Weekly - $25.00
Monthly - $50.00
Quarterly - $120.00

No initiation fees.
Posted By: Florida Gal

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/17/06 08:42 PM

Thanks! I'll check out both places. No one has responded about buying a yoga mat I guess I'll just bring my own...
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/17/06 08:49 PM

Originally posted by Florida Gal:
Deacon...I see you're from maybe that's why you're preoccupied with the little gold statues. (Just kidding, love California and my daughter just finished getting her masters at AFI in L.A. so maybe one of her films will get to the Oscars one day... Never know, it could happen...)
Funny little tid bit to add: When I was in San Pedro, I went snorkeling and the couple that was on the boat with us was from Ohio. When they asked where we were from, after hearing "California..." the woman's response was "Let me're both movie stars?"

Sadly, she was either not kidding at all, or she was just being intentionally rude.
Posted By: deacon+

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/17/06 08:56 PM

Kristy, With the way you look and where you were, I'm guess no rudeness on her part meant.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/17/06 09:26 PM

yoga mats are expensive here, if you can fit one bring one. unless you do not mind using theirs.
Posted By: diane&greg

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/17/06 09:53 PM

This time last year, I took yoga in the morning at Exotic Caye/Crazy Canucks. Does anyone know where yoga classes are being held now?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/17/06 11:59 PM

Bring your own, Oscar's sold the last one the other week and won't have anymore for a while.
Posted By: bonita_runner

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/19/06 02:24 AM

Last year we took yoga classes at Caribe Island - it was a great class too...can't remember the name of the instructor tho...she had some mats, but not enough to go around...
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/19/06 02:36 AM

classes are now held next to Sol Spa, still being taught by Carrie who used to teach at Exotic Caye. It is 3 days a week.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/19/06 03:42 PM

What happened to the Isla Bonita Tennis Club? No longer? They used to have a fairly nice gym, Pilates reformer and Yoga gear.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 01/19/06 03:45 PM

They moved their Gym operation to the space above the Yacht Club reception.
Posted By: JKeeley

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 07/31/06 08:22 PM

San Pedro Fitness is the biggest ripoff. Mike Brunette has free rent by having his equipment at Belize Yacht Club, but most of the machines are either out of date or broken and owner refuses to repair or replace. Many have already terminated their membership when he moved facility to BYC, but he obviously doesn't care that the remainder of his members are dissatisfied. We need a new gym owned and managed by someone who cares.
Posted By: SPFC

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 08/01/06 03:10 PM

August 1, 2006
I am writing this response to a comment made recently regarding the San Pedro Fitness Club being called a rip off, and various thoughts about the business and it's operation. I have learned that disgruntled individuals who feel like complaining are much more vocal about their experiences than satisfied ones. For that reason I am responding to the comments to avoid the dissemination of mis-information based on the uninformed statements of a seemingly disgruntled person, and avoid a possible feeding frenzy of gossip and incorrect information being repeated as fact. For example, all three of our pumps at the pool burned out in March and we closed the pool for two days. Some people still think it is closed because of mis-information that was repeated from that one incident. If you're interested enough to read the whole thing so that you can form your own opinion rather than form one based upon the bias of others, There's a fitness tip at the end, don't cheat now. The letter that was posted questioned our business operation and claimed that we don't care about the business and that we refuse to repair or replace worn out equipment. We could have told the person that we in the process of ordering another piece of gym equipment, and have been looking a way to save some money on shipping charges. In addition to the gym, the San Pedro Club facilities include the tennis courts and pool at our main facility. This March we had to replace all three pumps at the pool, which along with other maintenance issues came to over $5,000US. Poor quality electrical service and frequent interruptions in service in San Pedro had burned the original ones out and we have rebuilt them 3 or 4 times. Unreliable electric service has also caused operational problems with some gym equipment which we have not been able to overcome with the treadmill.
The discussion of a businesses rent or operation is tasteless and conjectural, and to prominently name a person in a personal complaint is
selfish slander.

At the end of the day, it amazes me to no end how some individuals feel that they know how to run another persons business, and furthermore to criticize the operation of a well intentioned business that provides a useful service to the community and is appreciated by many. Then to further take action to discredit the reputation of a business and the person running it, and to
possibly incite a smear campaign for their own selfish reasons which could damage the business, further reducing income to make it even more difficult to spend money to meet the expectations of the disgruntled. As a service business, we depend upon the support and use by the community, and greatly appreciate our dedicated members those who have been enjoying
and supporting our business over the years and through our ups and downs. Much to our disappointment, and the reason that we don't have money to purchase equipment to meet this persons expectations, which provoked this
attack; we have discovered that this community does not have a population large enough to support a gym like these dissatisfied individuals are used to enjoying in the states. What is gained by venting frustration, spreading
rumors and negative opinions against a business that is here to serve a greater good? Such actions can only be intended to damage our business further, making it more difficult and frustrating, and causing us to question our reasons for continuing to provide service to dissatisfied individuals who don't appreciate what they have. As far as "needing a new gym managed by someone who cares", it won't happen
if it has to earn its own way, and in an environment like this where the very individuals you are providing a service for would rather throw stones and kill the business. I would be happy to discuss our experiences with anyone who is considering opening up gym in San Pedro.
As far as not caring enough about the business, I could have told this individual that we haven't had even one profitable month since we opened and have been using our personal funds to sustain the operations. Our reasons for maintaining our business are part of our personal commitment and long range plans here in San Pedro. If we were doing this in the US, we could at least deduct our losses from our taxes and would probably have enough satisfied members to at least support the business.
Now for the fitness tip: if the only exercise you get is sittin' around and watching TV or at the bar: Sit up straight, Engage your Abs so that you don't strain your back, and enjoy La Isla Bonita.

The internet is a powerful tool and sites like this serve a valuable medium for advice and information, but it is a sad statement about our culture and society that people abuse it. Anyone with a computer and an attitude about
something can vent it into the gossip chain to damage another persons business or reputation. This medium makes it difficult to discriminate
between truth, and statements that when repeated over and over are believed by many to be the truth. Unlike those individuals who choose to post anonymous personal complaints, prejudices and mis-information, anyone can feel free to contact me at any time.

Mike Brunette 607-6054, or at the San Pedro Fitness Center 226-2683 or the Pool 226-2682.
Posted By: JKeeley

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 08/02/06 02:30 PM

Members have complained directly and, and as there does not appear to be a response, are now using the internet as a medium to complain. In addition to complaints posted on the internet, the community is speaking negatively about the running of the gym. It's not as if these members have never worked out in a well-run gym, but a gym is not unlike any other business. It must be well-maintained, clean, and a good value. When SPFC continues to reduce hours and not have advertised services available, people will grumble. Perhaps one of the reasons SPFC continues to run in the red is because people are leaving. Much cardio equipment has been broken or breaking for many, many months. Does the owner ever come in to see the state of the gym? The rationale in moving SPFC to a smaller space at BYC is baffling. You may try and justify your position to those surfing the net. Why not try convincing your members that you are intent on running a well maintained, clean gym that represents a good value?
Posted By: ex,why z?

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 08/04/06 06:20 PM

Hey Florida, i heard that Malorie Grief is a recently certified Tae Boe instructor. Don't know if she's teaching yet.
BTW, i think that course is in L A, maybe she knows about the Oscars too.
Posted By: B27R

Re: Fitness club? Oscars? - 08/05/06 05:50 PM

The owner of the fitness club does need to take more interest. The equipment is coated with layers of dust and I've never seen anyone cleaning. His staff is content to sit behind a counter and chat on The mats are never mopped, the mirrors are all cracked and filthy and the same smears remain for months. The bathroom is dirty. And as far as SPFC's response to what type of facility his users may be used to in the States, does he disregard his members that are from Canada and Europe? I know of many members who have left, and the small amount that he has remaining would jump at the chance to go elsewhere. Any takers?
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