Cheese-Pepperoni's has it sorted

Posted By: Pedro1

Cheese-Pepperoni's has it sorted - 01/13/06 02:42 PM

It has been brought to my attention by a couple of board members that it is very difficult to obtain italian style mozzerrella either locally or by importing it-this means that local mennonite made cheese is being used for pizzas-the companies uising this admit it is not good to use but they have no choice until they can import the correct cheese.
Fortunately Pepperoni's do not have this problem(at the moment) and are serving a class product-the others that cannot get the correct ingredients should,IMO, wait until the correct products are available-for they admit their product does not meet the high standards of the discerning San Pedro pizza eating public.
For example if I started serving flat beer by saying I cannot get any gas(something I will never runout of) I would have few people in my
bar-and neither would I expect them to stay-surely this should be the same with Pizza parlours
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Cheese-Pepperoni's has it sorted - 01/13/06 04:19 PM

The flavor of the mennonite cheese can sometimes leave alot to be desired. We bought their "cow butter" (their label) and it tasted just like parmesan cheese but not butter! It was great melted on pasta but not on toast. Sometimes it is labeled one type and it is another, just the luck of the draw I guess. And their mozerella has never approached the real thing yet in my opinion. Dave
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Cheese-Pepperoni's has it sorted - 01/13/06 04:55 PM

Okay already Pedro1. I get the hint. I'll buy a pizza at Pepperoni's!!!
Posted By: Kristykins

Re: Cheese-Pepperoni's has it sorted - 01/13/06 05:27 PM

I wonder if that's the cheese that I didn't like while I was there. Its bland and boring.
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Cheese-Pepperoni's has it sorted - 01/13/06 07:34 PM

Actualy I find very little difference in the taste of any of their cheeses, except for the color additives. Have you ever tried the Happy Cow brand of cheese? That stuff will not even melt in the oven, you have to microwave it to get it to melt. But there is always the red Gouda ball cheese, that is always good if you like gouda.
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: Cheese-Pepperoni's has it sorted - 01/13/06 10:43 PM

I have an idea -
Maybe Pepperoni's should use mennonite cheese therefore allowing everyone to play on an even field-let's face it Pizza is not that great anyway-so we may as well all suffer with shitty pastry
Posted By: obtuseangler

Re: Cheese-Pepperoni's has it sorted - 01/13/06 11:30 PM

The cheese on a pizza in SP has become quite the "hot-button" issue.
How have so many become so lactose intolerant? Can't we just chews to get along?
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