Posted By: Xoe

Restrooms? - 01/17/06 01:25 AM

Here's a very down-to-earth "comfort question":

Are there public restrooms in the town area of San Pedro? If so, where? If not -- then where??

How about on the boats used for snorkeling and even more so, the day trip boats to Lamanai?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 01:32 AM

buy a Belikin in any bar and use that one - none on the snorkel boats or day trip boats to Lamanai - potty at Bomba Village when ya get off the river, and at the site.

methinks the is the first time ( at least on a longgggggggggg time) this one has been asked. laugh
Posted By: obtuseangler

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 01:53 AM

use the belikin?

any chance it will then be resold?

Any chance anyone could tell the difference?

laugh laugh laugh
Posted By: clover

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 02:17 AM

After a few Belikins we look forward to the snorkel stop!!
Posted By: streetchie

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 02:34 AM

Book one of the larger excurtion boats. They have small restrooms.....and, in my opinion, Fido's has the cleanest bathroom in town.
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 02:55 AM

Ladies, carry tissue with you, especially later in the evening, when all the TP rolls are empty.
Or you will wish you had.
Posted By: pnowell

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 03:24 AM

Chloe, so true!
Posted By: Xoe

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 04:16 AM

Streetchie (or anyone else who knows), which excursion boats have restrooms? Any other advice here? An otherwise perfect day can become much less fun if in dire need of a "comfort station".
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 04:47 AM

only boat I know is Miss Mel for day trip diving.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 04:48 AM

There's this really big sea on your east.
Posted By: streetchie

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 03:25 PM

Try Searious Tours.
Posted By: Dan & Jan

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 06:35 PM

SeaDuced has a catamarane that has a restroom. They do a great job.
Posted By: Gela

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 07:02 PM

I remember being very popular with my small roll of TP when we stopped at Bomba to rest and buy souvenirs before heading to Lamanai. I even have toilet seat covers I bring laugh
Posted By: Tag

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 07:26 PM

One tip that I love and always carry when travelling is a small bottle of Purel (hand sanitizing gel). Great to have on airplanes and in general travel, the small travel sizes are great! On the trip to Lamanai there were a couple of places to use the washroom but not always anywhere to wash your hands, so I was glad to have it along. If you get some, buy the kind with Aloe, it's not so drying to the skin.
Posted By: Xoe

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 07:30 PM

THANK YOU ALL! This board is the greatest resource for travel planning.
Posted By: Razorfish

Re: Restrooms? - 01/17/06 08:24 PM

I think there is a restroom you can use in the Cholos bar at the base of the Amigos Del Mar pier. Cant comment on its quality though.
Tag, good point about the hand sanitizer. I bought one in a small travel size that was very convenient. I would only add to pickup 2 from the store. My wife stole mine early in the trip.
Gela, I think the official name for those toilet thingys is "Butt Gasket" wink
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Restrooms? - 01/20/06 02:34 PM

Butt gasket...oh my gawd...too funny
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