November climate

Posted By: Chef Andrew

November climate - 01/17/06 05:03 PM

We're thinking of heading to AC over Thanksgiving, but are a little skittish about the weather reports we hear regarding temperatures and rain. Can anyone give me a read on late November weather?
Posted By: clover

Re: November climate - 01/17/06 05:32 PM

Was just there over Thanksgiving. We had highs in the 80's and lows in the low 70's. One day of intermittent rain squalls. The water was 79 degrees. Any day spent in San Pedro (above ground) is a good day!
Posted By: casa de amor

Re: November climate - 01/17/06 08:18 PM

and there were no bugs, like in the summer
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: November climate - 01/17/06 08:24 PM

weather is generally nice in Nov but there sure is a lot of rain at times. The temp is extremly comfortable, not hot or cold. The rain should not stop you even though this year it did rain more days than not. Fortunately most of the rains were 5-10 min up to a couple times a day or during the middle of the night. When my family was here mid-late Nov it rained 4 days straight, which was the only time in Nov I can remember continueous rains. If you use bug spray you will be fine, we did not prepare and when north and south of town my parents were bitten head to toe.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: November climate - 01/18/06 02:49 AM

Chef Andrew - we were there from Nov 21 till Dec 4 weather was fantastic dry, not humid most days and actually not real hot 65-70 at night 80 daytime. may not have been the norm but other visits in the spring(March, April) were always windy and humid - didnt find that to be the case this past November - we definitly prefer Nov.
Posted By: clover

Re: November climate - 01/18/06 03:21 AM

Rykat...we were there at the same time....I must of missed weren't wearing your Rykat t shirt? 26 more days and a wake up....back to the island.
Posted By: Scuba do

Re: November climate - 01/18/06 03:34 AM

I spent 24 days on San Pedro last November,as Kra-Z-K wrote,the rains were short,5-10 minutes and good weather,book it,Chef !
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: November climate - 01/18/06 03:39 AM

this Nov was quite different, due to the late Hurricanes which did not hit us but gave us rain. It rained most days up until Nov 22. I am not sure which part of the Island you were on Rykat but my parents were in town and we sat inside on Sun and Mon (20th and 21) for most of the day through morning the 22st...I remember how rainy and muddy it was, my dad watched TV while my Mom and I ran errands. It's kinda fun getting dirty in the rain sometimes.

Anyways, Nov is great weather. Yes, not humid and actually somewhat cool(not cold) somedays. I love it. The continuous rain as described above was not common throughout the month. 10 min rains throughout the day are more common.
(and you have to run home to grab your laundry off the line, lol.)
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: November climate - 01/20/06 02:50 AM

Think we hit it perfect Kra-Z-K, landed pm Nov 21 and just missed all the previous rain. Pure lucky timing, woke up on the 22nd and watched all the clouds roll out and disappear.did notice a lot of giganto puddles riding around.
Posted By: clover

Re: November climate - 01/20/06 03:53 AM

Rykat.....I was there the same time you were........anyday spent at San Pedro...and not in my office is a good day.....rain or no rain!
Posted By: lacysbeach

Re: November climate - 01/20/06 05:00 AM

I'll take rain in San Pedro, everyday!! Over rain in Houston anyday!!
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